Which Fibres Contribute To The Manufacturing Of The Choicest Carpets?

Whether you decide to install vinyl or bamboo flooring in your home, you will still need to pick a floor that offers optimal value for money. So, the floor you pick will need to have an attractive design, texture and look. It should be able to complement and enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors. It should be strong and sturdy enough to last you for several years. Cleaning and maintaining the carpet should be easy as well. Moreover, when it comes to comfort and luxury, the carpet should look and feel comfortable underfoot. Lastly, the carpet should offer a perfect fusion of affordability and comfort.

Clearly, unless you do your homework, you will not end up selecting the perfect carpet in your very first attempt. You will need to pick the brains of the staff at the flooring showroom to ascertain the flooring option that best meets your needs.

More importantly, you might find yourself having to go through various online guides and references to enhance your knowledge about carpet floors and their different qualities. One of the best ways to ascertain the quality of a carpet lies in recognising the fibre it comprises.

A carpet’s fibre often affects the look, feel, price and the durability of the carpet. So, by knowing the fibre a particular carpet features, you will be able to ascertain its value and worth.

Some of the most popular fibres used for making carpets these days include:

-  Nylon: This highly durable fibres comes into use for making a vast majority of carpets. Among other things, nylon offers superior levels of water and tear resistance. But, it remains susceptible to staining. When exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged spans of time, nylon carpets can fade over time. Manufacturers typically add different dyes for producing carpets in a myriad of colours.

Polyester: In terms of cost-effectiveness, polyester carpets remain the popular choice. Polyester carpets with thick cut-pile construction can exude a softer feel. However, these carpets do not offer superior levels of resilience. Thus, avoid using them in high-traffic areas. Over time, these carpets could fade and reveal visible stains.

Polypropylene (or Olefin): Polypropylene does not offer comparable levels of durability as opposed to nylon. However, these fibres will not fade as nylon fibres typically do. Polypropylene fibres can be highly resistant to wear and tear as well as mild dew. Thus, it makes a perfect choice for using outdoors. It can be worth mentioning that walking barefoot on these carpets might not be very comfortable.

- Wool: Wool ranks among the costliest fibres used for making carpet flooring. It can feel very comfortable underfoot, even if you walk barefoot on it. Similarly, it offers superior levels of stain and dirt resistance. While it remains a highly durable fibre, it could begin fading with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Acrylic: For people who want a cheaper alternative to wool, acrylic offers a viable choice. It exudes the look and feel of woollen carpets. And, it can withstand moulds and mildew as well.

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An Overview of the Different Types of Carpet Used for Flooring

Many homeowners like adorning their homes with the best floor coverings. Not surprisingly, many suppliers of flooring offer a diverse range of modern and contemporary flooring options. When homeowners think of replacing their flooring, they will usually think of timber, tiles or vinyl floors. But, installing carpets can be a remarkable idea as well. For many people, carpeted floors can be the flooring material of choice for people with traditional tastes and preferences. However, carpets can exude a contemporary visual appeal that can make them perfect for modern homes too. So, as long as you can select the right carpets and rugs for your NSW home, you will be able to derive optimal value for your money.


Carpets come in two main types i.e. cut pile carpets and loop pile carpets. The kind of fibre used for making cut pile carpets and the density of the tufts often contribute to the durability of these carpets. In addition, the twist of the yarn helps make these carpets more durable as well. Cut pile carpets typically come in the following styles:


-        Textured: These carpets comprise low-density fibres that can hide the dirt by virtue of their informal look. But, these carpets will only be suitable for use in low-traffic areas.

-        Plush: Plush carpets often exude a formal look. Their smooth and even finishes make them the carpets of choice for many Australian homes and commercial facilities.

-        Saxony: Saxony carpets also feature smooth and even finishes. However, the fibres used in these carpets will be longer. Despite this, it can be worth highlighting that marks (such as footprints) will easily show up on these carpets.

-        Frieze: Frieze carpets typically feature longer fibres with a higher number of twists. This trait makes these carpets look similar to their textured counterparts. While not suitable for use in high-traffic areas, these carpets can hide marks quite easily.

-        Cable: Manufacturers usually make cable carpets with thicker and longer fibres. This makes cable carpets feel more comfortable and cosier to walk on.


Similarly, loop pile carpets have become quite popular as all-purpose carpets. The manufacturers of this style of carpets do not cut the yarn tips. Thus, the loops remain visible in these carpets. The sturdy construction of these carpets makes them suitable for use in a myriad of places. Not surprisingly, many Australians have begun considering the merits of these carpets when shopping for new flooring for their NSW homes. Loop pile carpets typically come in the following styles:


-        Berber (or Level Loop): These carpets feature packed, short loop fibres. While these carpets will exude an informal look, their fibres make them ideal for using in high-traffic areas. The fibres in these carpets come with various flecks of colour. Thus, these carpets can conceal dirt and marks easily.

-        Patterned Multi-Level Loop: This style of carpets features loops that vary in height. As a result, the fibres help in creating textures and patterns that can enhance the visual appeal of the carpet.

-        Cut and Loop: Such carpets inevitably feature a good mix of cut pile and loop pile fibres. The textured appearance of these carpets enables them to conceal dirt and stains well. At the same time, these carpets can be ideal for using in areas that experience high levels of traffic.

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How Should Homeowners Consider Purchasing the Best Carpets for Their Homes?

Carpets do not merely look and feel warm. It can be exceedingly comfortable to walk upon as well. Walking barefoot on ‘cold flooring’ such as tiles in winters can be quite uncomfortable. In contrast, treading on soft carpets will always be comfortable. Some people feel that carpets can seldom deliver a contemporary visual appeal in modern homes. However, this opinion does not hold true always. As long as you do the homework necessary, you will be able to find carpets that exude a modern and contemporary look. More importantly, you will not need to sacrifice comfort and warmth for style.


To pick the best carpet for your home, consider the following aspects:


-        The Durability: Hard flooring will typically offer superior levels of durability. Cleaning these floors will be easier too. For these reasons, many homeowners avoid buying carpet flooring. But, it can be worth mentioning that carpet manufacturing companies use a diverse selection of fibres for manufacturing carpet flooring. Some fibres offer superior levels of robustness as compared to others. In addition, they do not require much maintenance as well. To pick a durable carpet, examine aspects such as the face weight, the density rating and the tuft twist. Carpets often come with a star-rating (out of six) that denote the performance of the carpet in wear and performance tests. The higher the rating, the more durable the carpet will be.

The Fibres: Carpets typically comprise different kinds of fibres. Nylon fibres can be durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. They can provide some protection from permanent staining. But, they might not look or feel as luxurious as carpets featuring other fibres. Polyester fibres will be much softer than nylon ones. But, they might not be comparable in terms of their durability. In terms of durability and luxury, woollen fibres can be unbeatable. These fibres do -        not absorb water easily. And, they can resist staining as well. But, woollen carpets might not appropriate in modern homes. To pick a good carpet for your modern home, opt for one that features blended fibres.

-        The Pile: Carpets usually feature woven or tufted piles. Companies manufacture carpets with woven tiles with the help of traditional loomed methods. Because of this, carpets with woven fibres will be relatively costlier than their tufted counterparts. For producing tufted carpets, workers punch the yarn into a base material. This process minimises the use of machinery for making carpets. As a result, not only does it become easier and faster to produce these carpets. Their prices will be a lot lower too. Tufted pile carpets come in various types. Looped, flatweave, Saxony, shag, velvet and twisted carpets denote different forms of tufted pile carpets.

-        The Softness: Modern living areas will rarely be soft. Therefore, owners of modern homes will do well to purchase short-pile carpets featuring manmade fibres. In some cases, short-pile carpets featuring a combination of natural and manmade fibres might be worthwhile too.

-        The Colour and Design: Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you might need a plain carpet or a patterned one. Patterned carpets might not seem appropriate in modern homes. However, these carpets can transform contemporary spaces quite easily. For instance, in minimalist rooms, patterned carpets can provide an effective counterpoint. Similarly, some people might feel that modern homes typically feature neutral or subtle shades. But, this will not always be the case. Carpets and rugs in NSW and other places that feature bold colours could infuse your living spaces with the right amount of pizzazz. Use carpets with rich reds, blues and greens to enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors. Alternatively, if your home already features sufficient levels of colour and texture, carpets with neutral or pastel shades might be beneficial.

-        The Padding: Contemporary spaces usually require flatter carpets. This involves purchasing carpets that have the thinnest of padding beneath. Ideally, you should buy carpets with padding that comprises rubber or memory foam. At the same time, ensure that the carpet looks good and complements other elements in the space you place it in.

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How Can You Tell That It’s Time to Get New Flooring for Your Home or Office?

The floors in any home or office inevitably end up experiencing the most wear and tear. No matter what people do in the building, they will always use the floor. They will walk on the floor. They will drag or move chairs, furniture and other objects across the floor. Children will run, play and slide on the floor. Some people will even do their exercises on the floor. In commercial and industrial facilities, forklifts and other machinery will operate on the floor.

Workers will load, unload, push or pull stacks of crates, goods and raw materials on the floor. Naturally, all these activities will take their toll. With the passage of time, the flooring will start appearing shabby and unsightly. Scratches, stains and scuff marks might also appear on the floor. Ignoring these signs might not be worthwhile for the condition of the floor will mar the overall look of your home or office interiors. Instead, considering the options available by shopping for new floors could be a better alternative.


Many Australian homes and workplaces feature tiled, laminated or wooden floors. These floors could last for as many as 25 – 30 years. Some homes and offices might feature carpeted floors. Carpets can often last for about 10 years or so. However, they will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Over time, you will find that even professional cleaning cannot restore your carpets to their former state.

In some cases, the bleach or wine stains might be all too apparent. In others, odours might have penetrated the carpet’s padding, making it difficult to put up with. It can be worth mentioning that once stains and odours seep into the carpet’s padding, getting rid of them can be difficult. Moreover, it will not always be possible to reverse the signs of wear and tear on carpets. So, when you find that a deep cleaning cannot restore the look of your carpet, you will need to consider replacing it.


Unlike carpets, ceramic tiles can last for several years. Dealing with them can be much easier as well. For instance, if you break a tile, replacing it can be a lot easier than repairing a rip or tear on a carpet. Similarly, cleaning and sealing stained grouts remains fairly simple too. But, it can be worth highlighting that tiles do not always exude a timeless look as wooden floors do, for instance. Thus, the size, the colour and pattern of the tiles might give your home or office a dated look. In such situations, replacing your existing tiles with contemporary ones might yield better value.


Many people will admire the look that thin vinyl or laminate tiles exude. However, laminate and vinyl flooring clearly reveal indicators that they require replacing. Once these floors start peeling up, you will need to replace them. In many cases, wear and tear or water damage might cause these floors to peel. The peeling of these floors indicates that the adhesive that binds these floors has begun to come apart. Similarly, some people will find the timelessly classic look of hardwood floors hard to ignore. These floors can last for several years. But, you might need to sand and refinish them to eliminate any scuff and scratch marks. Over time, even this might not enhance the appearance of the floor. In these situations, replacing them will be your best recourse.

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How to Avoid Dealing with a Myriad of Hassles and Issues When You Acquire New Flooring

Some people find shopping for new flooring quite cumbersome. They often step into flooring showrooms clear about the kind of flooring they want. But, when confronted by the numerous variety of options on offer, they find themselves in a quandary. Whether you select hardwood flooring or rugs for your NSW home, you might find yourself having to mull over various aspects. These aspects could include the colour, the fibre, the texture, the design etc.

Unfortunately, the complexity of dealing with a new floor does not end with its purchase. You will also need to install the floor, which could become a sub-project by itself. For starters, you will need to ascertain whether you plan to install the floor yourself or need professional assistance. The former could be relatively cheaper and time-saving. But, ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) installations can seldom match the finish and the look that professional installations exude. At the same time, this does not mean that professional installations will always be perfect.


In some cases, new flooring installations can end up becoming disasters. For instance, consider a situation where your new hardwood floor features smudges, stains, dents or stains. Naturally, these blemishes will mar the look of your new floors. Similarly, faulty flooring installations could include placing tiles in the wrong manner, spacing them unevenly or even placing them the wrong distance from the wall. With other types of flooring, it could be possible that the installers install your new floors without levelling them uniformly.


Replacing your existing flooring remains a costly project. Unlike repainting the walls in your home, you will ideally not plan to replace your flooring every few years or so. Hence, eliminating such hassles becomes imperative. To accomplish this, consider:


-        Utilising the Services of a Reputed Local Flooring Company: When it comes to selling and installing floors, the local companies have an edge. Not only do these professionals supply flooring materials that offer immense value for money. They also supply flooring materials that can withstand the local weather conditions. Thus, shopping for new flooring from local suppliers will usually be to your advantage. Some flooring suppliers might also be able to offer you attractive financing plans. These plans could enable you to acquire quality flooring while remaining within your budget.

-        Comparing Flooring Materials on Features and Not Solely on Price: Suppliers of flooring in NSW and other places will offer a diverse range of options. In many cases, they will be able to offer high-end and budget flooring options alike. Some people make the mistake of picking new floors based on their price alone. This approach could be counterproductive. Quality floors might be a little more expensive. But, they will last you for longer as well. In doing so, they could offer long-term savings too.

-        Picking the Brains of Experts to Find the Right Flooring Material: The options in terms of flooring materials can be numerous. Thus, it might be useful to have expert help readily available to pick the right flooring for your home. Expert contractors could help you identify whether you need carpet, tile, hardwood or vinyl flooring. Moreover, they will help you select flooring that features stain-fighting technology that can make your new floors last for longer.

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Themed Flooring Choices Can Make Your Space Look Personalised and Unique

The number of ways by which homeowners can revamp their home interiors can be difficult to keep track of. For some people, designing the layout of their homes can be of great importance. So, they will plan the layout of their homes in a manner that suits their styles and preferences. Others might be more interested in giving their living spaces the right look. Thus, they will take great pains to select the right colour and pattern combinations to enliven their home interiors. In some cases, homeowners will not think twice about embellishing their home interiors with all kinds of home décor accessories. These items can make otherwise vacant spaces in the house look good. In addition, they can complement the overall look of the room or house as well.


However, one of the best ways to spruce up your home interiors lies in replacing the flooring. Suppliers of commercial or residential flooring in NSW and other places inevitably stock an extensive range of flooring products. From hardwood floors to laminates, they will have them all. But, they will also be able to offer an extensive range of flooring options within each flooring type. So, if you want a timber floor with a specific texture in a specific colour, you might not need to visit various flooring showrooms. Instead, you will probably find the flooring option that appeals to you a lot more easily. Having said that, the plethora of options that exist when it comes to flooring can make the buyer’s job a lot more difficult. Having to sift through a myriad of options invariably complicates what should have been a simple decision.


In recent times, the demand for themed flooring has been on the rise. Themed floors enable homeowners to emboss their personal tastes and personalities in their living spaces more impressively. Some people love spending time on the beach. However, this might only be possible when they head for their vacations. For the rest of the year, visiting a beach might neither be easy or possible. To remedy this, consider giving your living spaces a nautical look. Achieving this effect can be quite easy. Simply incorporate light-coloured flooring into the living space. Add lighter coloured and distressed wooden furniture. In addition, complement the space by infusing it with aqua, soft blue or white coloured accessories.


Selecting a theme for your home does not involve dealing with many challenges. You could consult your interior designer to ascertain the options available. From retro to minimalist themes, you will need to pick one that meets your requirements. But, it can be worth highlighting that the flooring you pick will set the mood in your themed living space. The flooring might not get all the attention it deserves from those living in the house or from visitors. However, it does represent the most continuous detail in any home. Thus, it usually exerts a significant influence on the overall look that a house exudes. Because of this, selecting the right floor can make a big difference in the overall look that your themed interiors exude. Consulting an experienced designer could not only help you pick the perfect design for your home. It could enable you to personalise your home interiors to make them truly unique as well.

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Carpets vs. Rugs in NSW: What’s the Difference?

Many people often use the terms carpets and rugs in NSW interchangeably, as though they mean the same thing. This is quite understandable since both have a lot of similarities. For one, both are used to refer to a piece of thick cloth that is normally woven by using organic fibers or synthetic materials. Both are also used to decorate homes and offices around the world. Despite these similarities, there are marked differences between both types of flooring materials.

Floor Coverage

For one, a carpet is generally used as a form of wall-to-wall floor covering. That is, carpets are installed to cover an entire room of virtually any size. In addition, wall-to-wall carpets are permanently affixed to a subfloor. On the other hand, rugs are usually used to cover a particular area only. They can simply be laid anywhere and since they’re not permanently fixed to the floor, they can be moved easily from one place to another.


Another main (and more obvious) difference is with regard to their size. For instance, wall-to-wall carpeting can be as large as the room that they are being installed in. On the other hand, rugs are much smaller by comparison. They are often as large as a few feet in length and width. Area rugs in particular can cover only a certain portion of the room where they are placed, like the center of a living room for example. There are also area carpets which do not cover the entire floor space of the room. However, they are still much bigger than a typical area rug.


When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, many people agree that carpets are more challenging than rugs. More often than not, carpets are clean with the use of a vacuum cleaner. However, this does not give the carpet a thorough cleaning, or at least not as thorough as one would expect. When carpets do need a thorough cleaning, the only option would be professional deep cleaning. And people who have tried professional deep cleaning knows how expensive and time consuming this process can be.

Area rugs on the other hand are much simpler to clean. Since they’re not permanently fixed to the floor and because of their relatively small size, it is easy to bring them outside the home and give them a thorough cleaning. Some can also be washed by hand using a soft-bristled brush and mild detergent, though care must be taken not to damage the fibers.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are many other differences between rugs and carpets. But whichever one you choose, you are bound to get a soft and comfortable flooring material that you’ll enjoy for many years to come (with proper care and maintenance, of course).

If you are looking for high quality carpets or rugs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 4677 3366 or (02) 9520 0628 or leave a message in our contact page. We also have a range of other products like timber flooring, vinyl flooring, and others.

Carpet Sutherland Shire: The Importance of Carpet Padding

When homeowners decide to have carpet flooring installed in their properties, the first thing they think about is the carpet. Nothing wrong with that of course. After all, the carpet itself is what you’ll walk on and see whenever you enter the room. However, there is one important aspect of carpet flooring installation than many property owners often ignore: the carpet padding.

Carpet padding, also known as underlay, is a spongy material that goes beneath the carpet. And while it is generally invisible to the eye, it is a vital part of your carpet floors. In fact, carpet padding is the foundation upon which all wall-to-wall carpet flooring in NSW (and everywhere else in the world) is constructed. But what makes it so important and why should you pay so much attention to choosing the right carpet padding?


The main purpose of a carpet padding is to protect both the underside and surface of your carpet from damage. A carpet padding protects the underside of your carpet from abrasion against the subfloor and keep it from wearing. It also helps reduce the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic above the carpet. It acts as a shock absorber easing the stress from foot traffic on the carpet’s fibers and backing and helping protect them from premature wear.


Homeowners think that the main purpose of having a carpet padding is to make the carpet softer to walk on. Although this isn’t necessarily true (the main point of having a carpet padding is protection), having a carpet padding can make walking on your carpet a more comfortable experience. A quality carpet padding can make you feel like your feet is sinking right into the floor.


Carpet padding also plays a role providing thermal insulation for your home, or at least the room where it’s installed. This makes it easier to maintain the perfect temperature in your home because of the added layer of insulation. In fact, carpet paddings have higher R-value (a material’s ability to keep heat from passing through it) than a carpet. In addition, carpet paddings can also help dampen sound, thus working as a sound insulator. This feature becomes an important factor when installed in upstairs rooms or apartment units.

As you can see, choosing the right carpet padding is an essential part of a great carpet flooring. If you are looking for high quality carpet padding and carpet in Sutherland Shire, or any type of flooring material for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 4677 3366 or (02) 9520 0628. You can also leave a message in our contact page.


Bamboo Flooring Considerations

Bamboo floors have become rather popular over the last few years. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re also pretty eco-friendly and helps cut the use of hardwoods for flooring. However, before you have bamboo floors installed in your homes or properties, here are some things you need to know.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Emissions

To make bamboo floor planks, the bamboo stalk first needs to be sliced or shred into small pieces. These pieces are then put together by using heat, pressure, and a resin-based adhesive. The problem with this is that the adhesive used can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air over time. More often than not, these VOCs will linger in the room’s air, and may end up causing several VOC related illnesses to the people exposed to them.

However, high quality bamboo flooring made by reputable manufacturers are rated to be safe. They still use adhesive, but the adhesive used are in acceptable amounts and generally safe for the public.

Scratches Easily

One of the things that people love about bamboo floors is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it is kind of challenging to keep them in perfect and pristine condition. This is especially true if the floor experiences heavy foot traffic on a regular basis. Such traffic, including high heels, pet claws, and furniture legs can damage the surface and leave scratch marks on it.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep this from happening. Naturally, you’ll want observe good cleaning and maintenance practices. Besides, some people aren’t actually bothered by small scratches and scrapes. For most of them, small scratches and marks to your bamboo flooring are inevitable but can often add to the character and charm of your floor.

Water Damage

High quality bamboo flooring has excellent water-repelling abilities compared to average wood, and especially against carpet flooring. However, remember that it is still a natural material made of organic elements. That said, it is still susceptible to damages caused by exposure to excessive moisture. This can lead to the development of mold, and even cause the bamboo planks to warp.

But as was mentioned, high quality bamboo flooring is more resistant to water damage than other hardwood flooring materials. So as long as you promptly wipe away spilled liquids on the bamboo floor’s surface, you really don’t have to worry about them damaging your beautiful bamboo floor. You can also have your bamboo floor sealed every now and then to give them more protection against moisture.

Bamboo floors are excellent alternatives to hardwood flooring. However, there are some things you need to consider before having them installed. By taking these into account and doing the necessary precautions, your bamboo floors are more likely to stay beautiful for many years to come.

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Vinyl Flooring – The Cost-Effective and Versatile Alternative to Tiled Floors

Knowing the options available when you shop for new flooring can be useful. It could help you understand the different types of material on offer. In addition, it could help you select the material that best suits your tastes and requirements. In recent times, vinyl flooring has become quite popular. It can give you the look of a tiled floor at a much lower cost. Installing and cleaning vinyl floors remains simple. In addition, getting a vinyl floor that has the colour or texture you need can be easy as well.


An Overview of Vinyl Floors


Timber flooring remains an eternal favourite among many homeowners and commercial property owners. But, its relatively higher price tags can put it beyond the reach of many people. In such situations, people look for cost-effective alternatives such as vinyl or laminate floors. Flooring manufacturers make vinyl floors from synthetic materials.

Thus, vinyl floors can easily ape the look of natural flooring materials such as wood and stone. If you buy vinyl flooring, you will find that it fits easily within your budget. However, its versatility and wide selection of colours & textures have made it immensely popular nowadays. In terms of comfort, vinyl feels relatively softer than ceramic or porcelain tiles. It also features a wear layer that can minimise the effects of high foot traffic.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Do Flooring Suppliers Typically Sell in Australia?


Suppliers of flooring materials in Australia typically stock three varieties of vinyl floors. Vinyl plank flooring will probably be the most popular type of vinyl floor in the country. It mimics the look of solid hardwood flooring. Thus, it exudes a warm and inviting look, while remaining budget-friendly. Installing these planks can be very simple. They usually come with interlocking or floating floors. So, just like laminate floors, you can click them together and install them. Vinyl planks will usually be 100 percent waterproof too.

And, maintaining them does not require much effort unlike timber flooring. Vinyl tiles usually mimic the look of natural stone especially luxury vinyl tiles. Installing and maintaining these tiles remains easy. In addition, these tiles can be ideal for use in cold climates. Their warmth and resilience makes them much better than porcelain or ceramic tiles. Lastly, sheet vinyl floors or vinyl rolls comes in sheet form. People typically use these for covering large spaces at low a low cost. Thus, they remain the perfect choice for commercial spaces. However, they will require professional installation unlike their plank and tiled counterparts.


How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Vinyl?


Some people often find themselves struggling to choose between laminate and vinyl flooring. Both flooring materials come with a plethora of options. For high-end flooring, you might end up paying more for vinyl floors than laminate. Otherwise, the price and the durability of both materials remains fairly even. In terms of look and feel, laminate and vinyl floors can ape realistic hardwood floors. But, if installed poorly, laminate floors can create hollow sounds. When it comes to installation, workers will install laminate floors as floating floors.

You can install these floors directly on top of the existing floor. In contrast, vinyl offers a wide range of installation options such as peel & stick, glue down, floating lay, loose lay etc. You will be able to use vinyl floors anywhere – including basements, kitchens and bathrooms. However, laminated floor will rarely come into use in rooms that experience a lot of moisture.

Whether you require carpet or timber flooring, simply visit Picton & Engadine Floorstore for your new flooring. We stock an enviable range of flooring options to suit your needs. With over 220 years of collective experience, we can give you quality products in addition to superlative installation services. Our staff, infrastructure and experience enable us to supply and install any flooring material ranging from two to 20,000 square metres. For a free measure and quote, click here.

Why Area Rugs Have Become So Popular in Homes Throughout NSW

Lots of residential and commercial property owners in Australia like carpeted floors. In terms of looks, carpets can be quite distinctive. They might not look as classically timeless as hardwood floors. But, they can do wonders to enhance the visual appeal of any space you put them in. When it comes to comfort, carpets remain second to none. They feel soft underfoot. And, with regular cleaning and maintenance, they could easily last you for years.

In much the same manner, rugs have come into vogue in NSW and other Australian states. When it comes to interior décor, area rugs can exert a significant amount of influence. They can help you show off your flooring. They can enhance the beauty and visual appeal of a room. More importantly, they can easily integrate or tie together the colour schemes of all your interior décor accessories. Unfortunately, many homeowners continue to remain oblivious to these elements of interior design.


Use Area Rugs to Make Any Space Warm and Inviting in Your NSW Property


In the view of many interior designers, the flooring of a house or office exerts a significant degree of influence on its overall look. Floors often give people their first experience of a place. When people enter a home or an office, they will tread on its floor first. In addition, the flooring remains the biggest and most continuous element in any home or office.

It hardly comes as any surprise then that people select the flooring in their NSW properties with immense care. The same applies to area rugs too. Rugs can make sound interior décor accessories. They can integrate various aspects of the décor of a space to make a profound statement. When placed in the correct space, they can do wonders to the overall look and feel of a space.


How to Purchase Quality Area Rugs for Your Home or Office


Some people might not have any doubts about the value of adding area rugs in their NSW homes or offices. But, they might not be as fluent when it comes to selecting the perfect piece either. The first thing to consider when you buy a rug will often be its colour. Area rugs should complement the existing colour scheme in your home or office interiors.

Thus, keep the existing colour scheme and pattern of your interiors in mind when you buy an area rug. Similarly, you will need to consider the colour tones of the flooring in your NSW property too. After all, the rug will need to match the flooring as well. You will also want your rug to complement the furniture and other accessories present in the space. This will eliminate hassles such as having a classical rug in a contemporary styled space. Lastly, consider the traffic that the space witnesses. Pick a rug with a durable design and material for high-traffic spaces.


The Benefits You Can Gain by Placing Quality Area Rugs in Your Home or Office


Area rugs can enliven your NSW homes and offices significantly. They can be easily more comfortable to walk on than hardwood or tiled floors. Unlike simple hard surface flooring, rugs and carpets have fibres that can trap all kinds of allergens, dirt etc. Hence, they can be a lot easier to live with than other varieties of flooring. You will certainly need to vacuum them a few times each week.

But, their very presence can make life a lot more comfortable for people allergic to dirt and dust. In terms of noise reduction, rugs can absorb sound much better than hardwood or tiled floors. In winters, treading on a cold tiled or hardwood floor can be quite uncomfortable. With a carpeted floor or a rug beneath your feet, you will never experience this discomfort.

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Carpet Floors - The Factors to Focus on When You Go Shopping


Many homeowners and commercial property owners in Australia cannot think beyond carpet flooring. Carpeted floors offer a wide range of benefits. They can enhance the visual appeal of the room. They can offer superior levels of insulation. They can be extremely comfortable to walk on – especially in winters. They feel soft underfoot. They can protect children from injuries by cushioning their falls.

However, carpeted floors need regular and proper care too. Over time, dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate in the fibres of the carpet. As a result, it will not take long for the carpet to start looking shabby and unkempt. Not many people know the things to focus on when they shop for new carpet flooring. Knowing this detail might make the shopping and selection processes a lot easier.


Pick a Carpet that Has the Right Weight


Australian homeowners know the merits of having carpeted floors. These floors can look superb and feel comfortable underfoot. In terms of acoustics, safety and cost-effectiveness, carpet floors can be ideal. But, shopping for carpet flooring will not always be easy. You will need to consider various factors that go into making a carpet suitable for your intended use. A carpet’s weight can often indicate the quality of the carpet.

Thus, the heavier the carpet, the better its quality will be. Ideally, you should identify the levels of traffic that different parts of your home experience. Then, you will be able to install carpets that look the same, but vary in terms of their quality, durability and comfort in different parts of your home.

For instance, your living and dining rooms will witness heavy foot traffic. Install durable and long-lasting carpets in these areas. Similarly, install high-quality and comfortable carpets in your bedrooms.


Check the Colour Scheme and Levels of Maintenance that the Carpet Needs


When purchasing carpet flooring, many homeowners spend hours selecting carpets that have the right shade. This can be quite natural. After all, you will want your carpet to complement the existing look of your home interiors. However, selecting carpets with the right colour might not always be as easy as it initially appears to be. You might need to consider various shades to identify the best fit.

Similarly, make it a point to ascertain the maintenance levels your new carpet flooring needs. Not everyone has the time to clean their carpets each day. So, if you cannot clean your carpets regularly, select a carpet that requires as less care as possible. But, you will need to remember that carpets need regular cleaning. Hence, you will not be able to eliminate this aspect entirely.


Select Your New Carpet Based on its Fibre


In many cases, selecting a carpet that has the right fibre can be tough. When it comes to colours, you will undoubtedly know the shades that will suit your home and office interiors. So, you will only consider carpets with colours that can look good in your existing setup. However, you will likely not have much of an idea when it comes to the fibres that a carpet features. But, it can be worth highlighting that the fibre of the carpet could affect the performance of your new carpet installation. Woollen fibres typically originate from sheep.

Thus, these natural fibres will be quite costly. To reduce the cost factor, some manufacturers intersperse woollen fibres with nylon or polyester fibres. Nylon fibres come in various styles and colours. These fibres tend to rebound or regain their original state when anyone walks on them. They also offer superior levels of resistance to stains. Manufactured from recycled bottles, polyester can be highly resistant to stains. Moreover, cleaning it can be easy too.


At Picton & Engadine Floorstore, we stock a diverse selection of flooring materials. From carpets to timber, we can give you a plethora of options for your Sutherland Shire property. We offer flooring materials designed for use in commercial and residential properties alike.

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Noteworthy Bamboo Flooring Suppliers Offer the Best Variety of Products

New flooring can radically alter the appearance of a space more than any other interior design elements. Investing in quality new flooring will not only improve the overall look of your home or office. It can increase the asking price of your property on the market as well. Having the right floor can help you create a special space in any room of your choice.

Because of this, homeowners often end up expending a significant amount of time and effort towards identifying the flooring material that best suits their needs. Suppliers of flooring material will invariably offer a diverse selection of materials.

From carpet and bamboo flooring to linoleum and hardwood floors, they will have it all. However, if you want a robust and eco-friendly material in your home or office, you will do well to consider installing bamboo floors.


An Overview of Bamboo Floors


Carpet flooring can be one of the most comfortable and welcoming flooring materials on offer. But, it requires regular care and maintenance. Similarly, some people prefer hardwood floors for their visually appealing and natural look.

Of late, the demand for bamboo as a flooring material has been on the rise. In terms of appearance, bamboo flooring looks a lot like other hardwood floors. But, bamboo floors will be more durable, sustainable and eco-friendly as opposed to other varieties of hardwood.

Contrary to popular perception, bamboo denotes a grass as opposed to wood. Workers cut the bamboo into strips or strands. Thereafter, they create bamboo flooring planks by drying and machining the bamboo strips.

Flooring experts consider bamboo to be a dimensionally stable flooring material. Hence, it can be ideal for floating over an underlay or using with underfloor heating. In addition, it can be useful to install bamboo floors in areas where humidity and temperature levels fluctuate considerably. As such, many Australians use bamboo floors in their kitchens and bathrooms.


Vertical Bamboo Flooring – A Superior Alternative to Traditional Hardwood Floors


Flooring suppliers often offer bamboo as an affordable and durable alternative to hardwood floors. In terms of hardness, bamboo floors might seem similar to oak floors. But, they have a unique and distinctive appearance. In vertical bamboo floors, the bamboo grain will not be very apparent. This will be so because workers will construct thin strips of bamboo vertically to form a flooring plank.

These floors come in a diverse selection of colour stains to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. Many people opt for natural shades such as pale or golden-brown hues. Others prefer carbonised shades including richer and darker brown tones. Installing vertical bamboo floors can be easy and straightforward. In addition, unlike carpet flooring, these floors do not need much by way of maintenance and care.


Horizontal Bamboo Floors – What Distinguishes Them from Vertical Floors?


The plank of horizontal bamboo flooring features horizontal strips of bamboo. This makes the grain look wider and more visible as compared to vertical bamboo floors. In vertical bamboo floors, the seam and edges will not be as easy to see. Because of this, horizontal floors can exude a more textured look. Horizontal bamboo floors come in different colour stains. So, you will be able to find shades and tones that suit your requirements.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional and distressed appearance, opt for floors with hand-scraped finishes. In the flooring industry, horizontal bamboo floors remain popular for their stability. Because of this, workers do not need to fix these floors in place. In addition, installing them over almost all varieties of subfloors remains easy as well. Not surprisingly, workers can lay it loose over an underlay, glue it, nail it or even, screw it down if needed.


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Installing Vinyl Floors Can Be Ideal in Residential and Commercial Properties Alike

Many people want their homes and offices to look unique and appealing. To accomplish this, they will invest a lot of time and effort towards making the right set of selections. Selecting a harmonious combination of colours for using throughout the building often takes top priority. So, the walls, the furniture and other elements in the structure will often sport matching colours.

To enhance the look further, some people might even add various interior décor accessories. Alternatively, they might consider revamping their doors and windows. Giving the doors and windows of your home or office a good inspection can make quite a difference. This is not merely to ensure that your doors and windows complement the rest of your home interiors. It is also to ensure that you acquire energy-efficient doors and windows that prevent the loss of heat.


Similarly, it could be worthwhile scrutinising the flooring of your Wollondilly property. Replacing the flooring of a place while you’re residing in it could cause a lot of inconvenience. So, if you find that the flooring is not fitting into your scheme of things, it might be best to give it a makeover. A new floor will not only suit your specific needs and personal tastes. It will serve to complement the rest of the interior décor as well.


It is worth highlighting that people often form their first impressions about a home or workplace based on the flooring it features. The floor is one of the largest and continuous elements in any building. As such, when people enter any home or office, they will hardly fail to notice the flooring.

This is why ensuring that you select the right flooring for your home or office becomes so essential. The importance of selecting the right flooring becomes even more apparent when one considers the diverse range of materials, textures, finishes and patterns that flooring suppliers these days can provide.


For many people, hardwood floors are the last word when it comes to flooring options. Not only are hardwood floors attractive to look at. They usually lend a sense of permanence to any kind of interiors. Installing these floors is a straightforward process. These floors exude quality, class, strength and durability.

Not surprisingly, they make fantastic long-term investments. But, not all people can afford hardwood floors. So, when these individuals look around for economical and durable flooring options in Sutherland Shire and other places, they will invariably consider laminate or vinyl flooring. This material is ideal for use in residential and commercial properties alike. For more information, contact us at Engadine Floor Store today!

Picton and Engadine Floorstore – Your One-Stop Shopping Destination for Quality Flooring Materials

When homeowners think of replacing their flooring in Australia, they will often consider the numerous options available. Each flooring material will inevitably offer some advantages over others. However, despite the benefits that different flooring materials offer, the popularity of carpets and hardwood floors continues to soar.

No flooring material looks as classic and timeless as a hardwood floor. Similarly, no flooring material is as soft and comfortable to tread on than carpet. Hardwood floors can typically last for decades. At the most, you will need to get professionals to sand and polish the floor to give it a makeover.


In contrast, carpets wear out much faster. They accumulate dirt, dust and other allergens easily. Over time, these particles make the carpet appear dirty and shabby. Once you cross the stage where even a cleaning cannot change the appearance of the carpet, you will need to consider replacing it. It is best to consider replacing your carpeted floors once you come across signs of damage such as:


-        The appearance of green, white or black stains that moulds usually have, which continue to grow and change shape or produce a musty, stale smell that is hard to suppress

-        Stains arising from water damage caused by leaking pipes (especially in kitchens, bathrooms and ceilings)

-        Manifestations of wear and tear that take the form of tears, worn patches that are almost transparent, matting, fraying and flat areas in the carpet

-        Multiple stain marks brought about by various accidents (including spills) that persist despite your best efforts to eliminate them

-        A foul odour that is hard to get rid of emanating from the carpet usually brought about by feet, allergens, dirt and food stains and,

-        Degraded padding beneath the carpet that is flat, dirty or has aged beyond repair


Old carpets can absorb allergens as well as sponges can retain water. Dirt, dust, mites, pollen and various other things can hide inside carpets and cause a lot of discomfort. As a result, if you find that your family members are suddenly suffering from various kinds of allergies, it might be time to replace the carpet in your home.

On occasions, you might also want to replace the old carpet in your home because it looks dated and obsolete. So, you might want to replace a carpet that is out of style with swanky new vinyl flooring in your Wollondilly residence.


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We stock a comprehensive range of flooring materials – including timber, vinyl, laminate and carpets. Depending on your specific preferences, you will be able to find flooring materials having the right design, texture, finish or colour. We know that many people are clueless when it comes to finding the best flooring materials for their homes. In this scenario, we provide friendly and objective guidance that keeps your needs at the centre.

We help you ascertain the flooring materials that work best for you. Thereafter, we proceed to offering you with a wide range of options in different price ranges, so that you can take your pick. So, the next time you shop for new flooring, think of us. Call us at (02) 4677 3366 (Picton) or (02) 9520 0628 (Engadine) to share your requirements. Or, visit our showrooms on Argyle Street (Picton) or Mianga Avenue (Engadine) to select your flooring.


What Are the Best Ways for Cleaning Your Carpet Floors?

It goes without saying that carpets are among the most popular varieties of flooring in Australia. Undoubtedly, they do not offer much scope for use in kitchens and bathrooms. But, placing them anywhere else inside the house can be quite beneficial. In kitchens and bathrooms, tile or wood flooring can be appropriate.

However, people often use carpets in their living rooms, bedrooms, closets, dining rooms etc. Floors enable people to walk on them and to move from one place to another. As such, it is but inevitable that the constant flow of traffic will wear down the flooring in your Engadine home.

In addition, accidental spills could lead to the manifestation of stains on the carpet. No matter how clean you keep your carpets, you will not be able to eliminate either of these two occurrences.


It is but natural that homeowners will want to keep their homes looking beautiful, elegant and stylish. As such, they will need to keep their carpeted floors in prime condition. Naturally, this will involve cleaning the carpets on a regular basis.

At the same time, it will involve cleaning spills almost as soon as they occur. For smaller stains caused by spills, consider soaking the stained area with a small, wet washcloth or paper towel. Many people make the mistake of wiping such stains. This could cause the stain to settle more deeply into the fibre of the carpet. It is worth highlighting that horizontal strokes or movements result in smearing the liquid further.

Thus, getting rid of the stain subsequently becomes immensely difficult. Instead, you should focus on applying pressure on a consolidated area. This will enable the washcloth or the paper towel to absorb most of the spilt liquid. At the same time, it would help in containing the damage to the surface area of the carpet.


Similarly, in some cases, you might not be able to wipe away spills as soon as they take place. Dealing with stains on carpets caused by spills that took place some time back is not easy. In many cases, it is quite likely that the stain will remain. But, you might be able to clean small patches of your stained carpet with the help of everyday items such as baking soda. Baking soda is an alkaline substance.

As such, it reacts with other compounds, thereby making them easier to remove. Many people use baking soda for eliminating stains caused by wine and soda spills. On occasions, you might need to get rid of sticky substances (such as gum) from your carpets.

In this scenario, place a few ice cubes on the affected area for a few minutes. Then, scrape the gum off with a cloth or a spoon. The underlying logic behind this is that the ice will freeze the gum, thereby negating its stickiness.


Stains caused by grease can be hard to eliminate. Sometimes, spraying the affected area with a dishwasher detergent might yield some benefits. After spraying the detergent, wipe the affected area of the carpet in your Wollondilly property with a cloth. Similarly, dealing with issues that are more widespread or those arising from the usual wear and tear can be hard to deal with. In such cases, you could consider purchasing appliances that clean carpets.

However, not all of these machines clean carpets thoroughly. In many cases, these machines will only provide a superficial level of cleaning. Therefore, experts say that it is worthwhile giving your carpets a professional and deep clean at least once or twice each year.

This is especially so for carpets placed in high-traffic areas. Doing so could help maintain the quality and enhance the longevity of the carpets. At the same time, it could help minimise the appearance of issues that are more serious some months down the line.

What Carpet Maintenance Mistakes Should Homeowners Typically Avoid Committing?

When homeowners shop for new floors for their homes, they do not merely consider how the flooring looks. Nor do they make their decision based solely on whether the flooring material will complement the existing interior décor style of their homes. In some cases, the cost will certainly be a factor. This is especially so if you’re installing one of the pricier flooring materials such as hardwood.

In others, the ease with which the homeowners will be able to clean and maintain the floor plays an important role. In homes where both the adults spend a considerable amount of time at work, cleaning the floor each day will not be something that is easy to accomplish. As a result, if something spills on the floor, it could end up leaving a stain that becomes harder to remove with each passing day.


When homeowners want to replace their existing flooring with carpet or vinyl flooring in their Picton homes, they often look for quality installation services. Quite a few homeowners prefer adopting a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) approach when it comes to handling various jobs in the house. But, when it comes to installing your new flooring, this approach might not be worthwhile. Installing a new floor is a specialised and labour-intensive activity.

Hence, it is best to use professional installers to ensure that you get a quality installation and finish. At the same time, you will need to take proper care of your new floor to ensure that it lasts for longer. Some mistakes that homeowners often make when maintaining their new floors include:


-        Cleaning their Floors Too Frequently: Cleaning carpets regularly is worthwhile. But, cleaning them more often than needed could loosen the pile or cause the carpet to fade. This would make your carpet look much older than it actually is.

-        Not Cleaning Stains and Spills Immediately: Carpets typically feature absorbent materials and thick fibres. This makes them soak up liquids from spills very easily. The longer you take to clean the spill, the deeper the liquids will settle into the fibres. Once this happens, getting rid of the stain can be extremely difficult. Hence, ensure that you dab away any spills as soon as possible.

-        Using Inappropriate or Unsuitable Cleaning Products: When homeowners clean carpet floors in their Sutherland Shire homes, they will inevitably use an assortment of cleaning products. But, not all carpet cleaning products are equal. Using off-the-shelf cleaning products from big box stores could damage your carpets. This is especially so because quite a few of these products contain harsh chemicals.

To avoid this, use recommended carpet cleaners that feature non-toxic ingredients and gentle formulations. Before using the cleaner, test it out on a small spot of the carpet. See if the cleaner causes any damage or if the carpet shows any discolouration. If it doesn’t, you could use the cleaner on the rest of the carpet. Alternatively, hire carpet cleaning professionals to give your carpets a thorough cleaning.


Why It Pays to Let Professionals Clean Your Carpets

Several flooring materials offer varying levels of durability. For instance, people often install timber flooring in their Wollondilly homes because of its elegance and longevity. Hardwood floors can last for decades. You might need to get the floor sanded and finished every few years or so. But, these floors typically offer optimal value for your money.

It is worth highlighting that hardwood floors are relatively costlier too. In contrast, carpets are cheap and easy to install. They can make any space look welcoming, warm and beautiful. They even enhance the insulation of the space. But, carpets can accumulate dirt, dust and other allergens very easily. As a result, they require regular and thorough cleaning.


Many homeowners prefer cleaning their carpets by themselves. In many cases, people rely on vacuum cleaners for keeping their carpets clean. However, this might not be enough to make your carpet clean. In this scenario, seeking professional assistance for cleaning your carpets could be your best bet. Professional carpet cleaners:


-        Are Experts in the Domain: Professional carpet cleaners will not only know what they need to do to eliminate issues like stains and discolouration. They will be able to get rid of any odours that the carpet might have. Their expertise also enables them to recognise the best way to treat specific kinds of carpets. As a result, you will get a carpet that is spick and span.

-        Utilise Specialist Cleaning Techniques: Reputed carpet cleaning companies utilise specialist methods for cleaning carpets. These methods can get rid of everything that carpets tend to accumulate over time – even things not visible to the naked eye such as pollens, allergens, mites etc.

Not only do these professionals possess sufficient knowledge about the cleaning methods they need to use for different kinds of carpets and carpet fibres. They will be able to eliminate the tiniest microorganisms and dust particles as well. Having all the necessary tools and equipment is an asset. While professional outfits can afford to purchase these tools, individuals might find them too costly to purchase for using once or twice a year.

-        Can Take Good Care of Your Carpets: It goes without saying that carpet cleaning professionals in Engadine and other places have years of experience in the industry. In addition, they possess great expertise on the subject. As a result, regardless of the kind of carpet you have, they will be able to take good care of it throughout the cleaning process. They will know precisely what kind of treatment a specific variety of carpet will need.


















What Measures Should You Adopt for Ensuring that Your Carpets Continue to Look Clean and Stylish?

Flooring suppliers in Australia can provide an enviable range of flooring materials and options. Among these, carpets are probably the most comfortable. They feel incredibly soft underfoot. In addition, installing them is hardly a challenging proposition.

Not surprisingly, many homeowners have installed carpets in their Sutherland Shire properties. However, carpets are not the best when it comes to durability. They are prone to gathering dirt, dust, dander and all kinds of allergens. So, if you don’t take proper care of your carpets and clean them regularly, they will start looking dirty and shabby fairly quickly.

It goes without saying that keeping your carpet in prime condition remains an ongoing task. But, it is worth highlighting that you can increase the lifespan of your carpet by maintaining it well.


Some of the top tips to consider for taking good care of your carpets involve:


-        Vacuuming Regularly: All your carpets need a thorough vacuuming at least once a week. For carpets placed in high-traffic areas, consider vacuuming them twice a week. Doing so could help you get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated in the fibres. This would go a long way towards keeping your carpets clean and fresh.

-        Avoiding Treading on Carpets with Shoes and Other Footwear: The lesser opportunities for dirt and dust to accumulate on your carpets, the longer your carpets will last. As such, it might be a good idea to remove their shoes and other footwear at the entrance to the house. Using slippers indoors only could ensure that dirt from outside does not make your carpets dirty.

-        Cleaning Spills Immediately: Not everyone realises how important it is to clean a spill immediately. The longer you leave the spill, the tougher it becomes to remove it subsequently. Instead of scrubbing the stain, simply dab at it. Follow this up by cleaning the carpet with a recommended carpet cleaner.

-        Keeping Your Pets Clean: If you have pets in the house, always ensure that you clean their paws once they come indoors. This is especially so if your living areas feature carpets. Pet hair has a tendency to drop and accumulate on carpets. So, you might need to vacuum more frequently if this is the case. Consider using some repellents in case you want to make your pets avoid the carpeted areas in your home.

-        De-odourising Your Carpets: At times, carpets can seem to give off unpleasant odours. To get rid of these odours, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet. Baking soda can absorb odours well, thereby keeping your carpet odour-free. Be cautious when using carpet powders as they could leave residual stains.

-        Using Area Rugs and Runners: Whether you have vinyl or laminate flooring in your Picton home, adding carpets to your home interiors could be great. However, using carpets in high-traffic areas could make them wear faster. Avoid this by using area rugs and runner in such areas. Area rugs and runners do not wear as fast as carpets do. In addition, they could enable you to infuse some colour into your interior décor.

-        Availing the Services of Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies: At least once a year, it might be worthwhile to use professional carpet cleaning services for cleaning your carpets thoroughly. Research online and visit forums and review sites to ascertain the best carpet cleaning company in your area.





What Is The Length Of Time For Which Your Carpeted Floors Will Last?

You might want to revamp the interiors of your home every few years or so. So, you could consider repainting the walls. You could move furniture around your living spaces. And, you could purchase various home décor accessories to give your living spaces a swanky makeover.

But, in many cases, you will not think about revamping the flooring in your Picton home. Replacing your flooring can be a time-consuming and costly project. As a result, several homeowners will not contemplate doing it until the floor starts looking shabby and decrepit. Because of this, the durability that a flooring material offers is often the best indicator of the value for money that a particular flooring material offers.

Carpets often go through a lot more wear and tear than homeowners can imagine. People step on them. Children and pets skid across them. Other individuals have food on them (and invariably end up spilling some on the carpet).

Some people think nothing of walking on carpets with muddy shoes. As a result, it is hardly surprising that carpets start looking shabby and dirty much earlier than other flooring materials. Professionals from the carpet manufacturing sector believe that it is best to replace your carpets every six to eight years. This is the ideal lifespan of carpets in households featuring up to four people. 

However, carpets can require replacement much earlier based on certain factors such as:

    The number of people living in the house.

    The material of the carpet.

    The placement of the carpet i.e. whether it is in a high-traffic or a low-traffic area.

    The quality of the carpet and its fabric.

    The frequency with which you clean and maintain the carpet and,

    Whether the household features children and / or pets.

It goes without saying that regular (and proper) maintenance of your carpets can prolong their lifespan significantly. So, if you don’t want to replace your carpets frequently, consider:

    Vacuuming carpets in your high-traffic areas every three days or so and all other carpets at least once a week

    Cleaning up spills on the carpets of your Engadine property immediately, so that the spills do not soak in 

o    Dabbing the spilled area is better to prevent the stain from spreading while cleaning.

    Doing your homework about the various stain removers available in the market and then use them on your carpets for cleaning up stains.

    Purchasing higher quality carpets at the outset – the relative difference in prices could mean that you might not need to replace your carpets very frequently.

    Ensuring that everyone wipes their feet on mats before stepping indoors.

    Altering the layout of the room regularly to ensure that the foot traffic that the carpet experiences varies.

    Incorporating suitable window treatments to minimise the exposure of your carpets to direct sunlight and,

    Using professional carpet cleaning services at least once annually.