How to Ascertain Whether Your Home Needs Hardwood or Carpeted Floors

When homeowners consider alternatives for replacing the existing flooring in their Sutherland Shire properties, they usually consider a few things. First, the flooring will need to look good. It should suit the colour combinations and other design styles in their home interiors.Second, they will look at flooring materials that feel comfortable underfoot and offer superior levels of durability as well. 

Then, once they have narrowed their range of options, they will pick and choose based on their budget. Laminate and vinyl flooring offer their own set of benefits and features. Yet, the first choice for many homeowners will often revolve around carpets and hardwood floors. 

Shiny, wooden floors can make your home look elegant and timeless. These floors will never go out of style. And, they can suit almost all kinds of interior décor styles. They might cost you a little more than other flooring materials.

But, their longevity more than makes up for this little shortcoming. Similarly, no flooring materials feels so warm and comfortable underfoot than carpet. Stepping barefoot on to a stone or tiled floor might be nice in summers. 

But, in winters, not many people would want their warm feet to rest on the cold and uncomfortable tiled floor. Certainly, tiled floors can be ideal for places that experience a lot of exposure to moisture and water e.g. bathrooms, kitchens etc. However, in living rooms, bedrooms etc., carpeted or hardwood floors can be the best alternative.

When you need to decide between installing timber or carpeted floors, consider the following factors:

The Area You Live in: If you live in colder areas, consider plumping for carpets. This cosy material can be quite nice to have throughout the house. It can retain warmth. In addition, it can make you feel quite comfortable indoors – even on the coldest of days.

In contrast, if you live near a beach, hardwood floors might be better. Dirt and sand can accumulate easily in carpets. Thus, cleaning them can be quite difficult. 

Whether You Have Kids: Children will invariably be mischievous. As such, even the most innocent of games could soon become boisterous and noisy. So, if kids land with an impact on hard floors, they could hurt themselves badly. In such cases, carpeted flooring can be the best solution.

This soft flooring will cushion falls and bumps, thereby minimising significantly the chances of kids injuring themselves badly. Carpets can be especially useful for preventing infants from sustaining serious injuries.

Whether You Have Family Members Suffering from Allergies: Many people suffer from an array of allergies. Exposure to dust can often make people develop allergies of various kinds. In case you have family members suffering from various kinds of allergies, opt for timber flooring in your Picton residence.

Carpets can trap allergens and dust very easily. Hence, you will need to clean the carpets regularly. In contrast, hardwood floors can be your best bet in these situations.

Whether You Have Pets: Along with dirt and dust, dander can cause allergies too. Carpeted floors can accumulate a collection of pet hair quite quickly. In addition, cleaning carpets of urine and other animal accidents can be a tricky proposition as well.

Similarly, carpets can also collect pet scents over time, thereby becoming even dirtier. So, if you have pets, stick to other hardwood floors rather than carpets.