An Overview of Laminate Flooring

The use of wooden flooring and carpets continue to be on the rise in Sutherland Shire and the neighbouring areas. But, laminate floors are gradually making their presence felt in towns and cities across the country as well. For the uninitiated, laminate flooring refers to a flooring product made by layering thin sheets of decorative material over a synthetic base, such as particleboard. Laminate flooring suppliers typically design the decorative material to exude the look of stone, tile or wood. However, these floors could break down over time. To prevent this, manufacturers of laminate flooring cover the decorative material with a coat of sealant.

Laminate floors will always try to imitate the look of other kinds of flooring material. But, this is their biggest advantage. For people on a budget, laminate floors offer the opportunity to get floors that imitate the look of other, more expensive, flooring materials – usually at a fraction of the cost. For instance, consider the situation if you were to purchase and install a hardwood floor such as maple or mahogany. These floors will be prohibitively expensive. But, you could acquire laminate floors that imitate the look of hardwood floors at relatively inexpensive rates. Selecting laminate floors will help you accomplish the look that you’re trying to achieve, without having to bust your budget.

Another merit of investing in laminate floors lies in the fact that these floors are easy to install. These floors usually come in the form of planks, which the installers will need to fit together. In many cases, the installers will place a layer of subflooring material under the laminate floor. This additional layer will serve to minimise noise levels and reduce the vulnerability of the flooring material to moisture.

Some brands of laminate floors require nails or adhesives for adhering one plank to another. Some reputed brands enable you to snap the planks into place just as you would while doing a jigsaw puzzle. As such, even people with minimal levels of construction experience can put together a laminate floor with minimal effort. The ease of installation and the affordable prices make laminate floors highly popular all Picton and the adjoining areas.

Technological advancements have made modern laminate floors highly durable and long-lasting. Despite this, these floors will not be as sturdy as the materials that the laminate is trying to imitate. Cheaper versions of laminate floors could be vulnerable to spills and water damage. The permeation of water could scuff the laminate. This, in turn, could end up revealing the base beneath the laminate floor. But, the laminate floors currently sold in various stores are much tougher than the floors sold some decades ago. So, whether you own a residential or commercial property, you will find laminate flooring a cost-efficient investment.