What Kinds of Flooring Materials Do Australians Commonly Use in their Properties?

In the past, homeowners did not have much variety when it came to flooring materials. Thus, most people did not think beyond the standard flooring materials found in their neighbourhood stores. Ceramic tiles, mosaic, timber and natural stone floors were among the most popular choices when it came to flooring. However, technological advancements have transformed the scenario quite remarkably over the past few decades. Today, you will be able to come across a diverse choice in each category of flooring material.

Some of the most common flooring materials used in domestic and commercial facilities in Australia include:

-        Wooden Floors: These floors come in an array of natural styles. They are durable. They do not provide a conducive environment for dust mites or bacteria to flourish. If your floor installers seal and finish the timber flooring in your Engadine property thoroughly, you will be able to clean your wooden floors with a wet mop. In terms of look, wooden floors are aesthetically appealing. They exude a warm and welcoming look. Not surprisingly, they are an evergreen choice among consumers when it comes to flooring material.

-        Stone Tile Floors: Workers usually slice stone tiles from boulders. However, it is worth highlighting that not all stones are suitable for use as flooring materials. Some natural stones, such as granite, might be indestructible. In contrast, others might contain fissures and other imperfections that diminish their performance.

-        Ceramic Tile Floors: Rooms that experience high levels of moisture will require unique kinds of flooring. In many cases, the flooring installed in kitchens and bathrooms will be quite different from the flooring in the rest of the house. Ceramic tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. This is especially so because they are durable and low-maintenance floors. They come in an array of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns.

-        Vinyl Floors: These floor coverings are quite versatile. Thus, you will be able to use them in any room in the house. Vinyl typically comes in sheets or tiles. Rotogravure vinyl features a knobby texture. It features patterns and colours printed on the finish side only. Inlaid vinyl, on the other hand, features patterns and colours throughout the thickness of the material. This aspect contributes to its longevity. Vinyl flooring can be suitable for your bathrooms and kitchens in your Sutherland Shire property.

-        Laminate Floors: This material features a decorative image printed on one or more thin sheets of paper. Manufacturers of laminate floors impregnate the decorative layer of these floors with a plastic or resin and bond it to a rigid core. Lastly, they add a suitable backing material to prevent the laminate floor from warping. Kitchens, dining rooms and foyers are the best places to use laminate flooring.

-        Carpet Floors: Carpet exudes a warm look. It feels soft underfoot too. This makes it comfortable for both kids and adults alike. Carpets can help in absorbing noise levels as well. But, dust mites and allergens can proliferate in carpets. Thus, cleaning them regularly is imperative. You could opt for carpet tiles or squares too. These are easier to clean and replace if needed.