Pick The Right Vinyl Flooring Options For Your Home

Pick The Right Vinyl Flooring Options For Your Home

 Contrary to popular perception, the flooring of your house can alter its overall look. Moreover, installing a new flooring will not be like giving the walls of your home a fresh coat of paint. You might like repainting the walls of your home every few years or so. But, installing a new flooring can disrupt the routine of your life. Because of this, many homeowners look for floors that offer superior levels of durability. At the same time, the cost of the flooring can be a significant factor to consider as well.

Vinyl floors offer a superb balance between durability, look and cost-effectiveness. These floors come in a myriad of colours and styles. They offer superior levels of flexibility and versatility. They can be equally suitable for use in residential and commercial properties alike. And, installing these floors can be quite easy as well.

 For the uninitiated, vinyl floors come in two varieties. They include:


-        Inland Vinyl Floors: These vinyl sheets feature embedded colour granules. The granules serve to give the vinyl floor a deeper look. Finding inland vinyl floors in a colour that appeals to you will not be difficult. Flooring suppliers will be able to offer these floors in a wide range of colours.

-        Printed Vinyl Floors: Manufacturers print a pattern or colour on to the vinyl sheet in these floors. These vinyl floors often mimic the look of other expensive flooring materials. Hence, they have become quite popular among homeowners across Australia. Installing these floors does not require professional assistance either.

 It can be worth mentioning that vinyl flooring comes in various shapes and sizes. Suppliers will typically offer:


-        Vinyl Sheet Floors: People often use these floors in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms. Some people might find these sheets expensive. But, these sheets come in sizes ranging from six to 12 feet, thereby providing a seamless installation in homes.

-        Vinyl Plank Floors: The popularity of vinyl plank floors keeps increasing because of its dirt-resistant features. These features contribute towards the superior levels of durability that vinyl planks offer. In many cases, vinyl plank floors will exude a look similar to that of hardwood floors, but at a significantly lower price. Installing vinyl plank floors does not pose any difficulty either. You will be able to install these floors directly on top of the subfloor.

-        Vinyl Tile Floors: For people who remain desirous of having floors that look similar to marble or tiles but don’t have commensurate budgets, vinyl tile floors can be a perfect alternative. These floors can do wonders for the overall look of your home. In addition, installing them remains inherently easy as well.


When you shop for new flooring, you will do well to consider the options on offer. But, if you feel that vinyl flooring offers the best value for your money, ensure that you seek the guidance of the flooring professionals before you finalise your decision. These professionals will be able to offer you the vinyl floor that matches not just your requirements, but also your budget.

Once you have finalised your vinyl floor, consult your supplier about the wear layer finish that the vinyl floor needs. These finishes serve to enhance the strength of the vinyl floor. They also come in a diverse selection of colours and patterns. A Grade 1 finish denotes the thickest layer, meant for high-traffic areas. Grade 2 finishes feature moderate levels of thickness. They will be useful in areas that experience neither low nor high levels of traffic. Use the Grade 3 finish for areas experiencing the least amount of traffic.