What Characteristics Do Sheet and Tile Vinyl Floors Typically Offer?

In recent times, the demand for vinyl flooring has only risen. These floors can offer simple, durable and practical solutions for homes and offices alike. These floors can be long-lasting. The prices of these floors will usually be well within the budgets of most people. And, when you consider that these floors come in an enviable range of colours and designs, you will realise that vinyl floors can be versatile too. These floors come in sheet and tile forms known as printed vinyl and inlaid vinyl respectively. Some salient features that these two forms of vinyl floors offer follow.

    Sheet Vinyl: In terms of cost, sheet vinyl will be quite inexpensive. This will be the case because producing large rolls of vinyl will not necessitate using a lot of labour for cutting the material. Moreover, property owners will cut sheet vinyl according to the required size. Hence, the wastage of sheet vinyl remains negligible. Sheet vinyl also offers superior levels of water and moisture resistance when compared to other flooring materials.

Workers install the floors by placing the sheet on the subfloor. Because sheet vinyl has no grooves or joints, it doesn’t permit water to percolate into the subfloor. In contrast to their tiled variants, sheet vinyl comes in a comprehensive range of patterns, colours and designs. Thus, your supplier will be able to inscribe any design you like on the sheet vinyl. This printed surface will serve as the covering that the installers will install directly over the subfloor.

  Tile Vinyl: In sheet vinyl floors, you will get the actual product for installation. But, tile vinyl floors enable homeowners to come up with their own designs. So, you could create a design that suits your home interiors and their décor. You will be able to cut the individual tiles to get the desired shapes or designs. Similarly, if one tile sustains damage or develops a stain, replacing it can be very easy. In the case of vinyl sheets, you will inevitably need to replace the entire sheet or a section of the sheet.

Even then, the replaced patch could disrupt the pattern or the colour of the floor. When you install vinyl sheets, you will need to take perfect measurements. Thereafter, you will need to cut the sheets precisely. But, the slightest mistake could waste a lot of material. With vinyl tiles, you will not need professional assistance. All you will need to do will be to lay down the tiles in a straight line.


Flooring suppliers in NSW will mention that you cannot refinish or polish vinyl floors, as you would in the case of hardwood floors. Thus, these floors could end up looking dull over time. In addition, vinyl floors can be very sensitive when exposed to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure could result in the emergence of cracks. Alternatively, the colour of the vinyl floor might fade as well. Despite these drawbacks, vinyl floors offer immense long-lasting value at a low cost.

They offer superior levels of moisture resistance as well. This attribute makes them ideal for using in bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl floors do not only feel comfortable underfoot. They can provide superb levels of insulation too. Some people might feel that vinyl floors only offer value in residential applications. However, this theory remains a misconception. Not only can you use vinyl floors in heavy traffic areas. You will also be able to use these floors in your commercial buildings as well. And, when it comes to maintenance, looking after your vinyl floors will not be all that difficult or complex.

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