What Are the Different Types of Laminate Flooring in Terms of Their Installation Types?

A few decades back, homeowners did not have much by way of choice when it came to flooring options. In many cases, homeowners had to choose between installing hardwood or carpet floors in their Wollondilly homes. This is no longer the case. Consumers today have an enviable range of flooring options to choose from. From natural stone to timber floors, each category of floors offers a wide range of choices in terms of texture, designs, colours etc.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and durability, laminate floors can be hard to beat. These floors can be ideal for use in residential and commercial properties. Their relatively low costs make them ideal for people constrained by their budgets. However, the low cost of these floors does not mean that they are cheap. In terms of looks, laminate floors can imitate the look of many premium flooring materials. So, if you cannot afford a timber floor, you could consider purchasing a laminate floor. Not only will the laminate floor fit into your budget. It will offer a look that compares favourably to that exuded by authentic hardwood floors.

Installing laminate floors is easy as well. In fact, suppliers offering laminate floors will usually offer the following varieties (by installation type) of laminate floors:

-        Pre-Glued Laminate Floors: When manufacturing these laminate floors, the manufacturers will apply some glue to each of the planks. At the time of installation, the workers might need to moisten the planks. This will serve to activate the glue for bonding the planks to others.

-        Glued Laminate Floors: Purchasing these laminate floors will necessitate the need to glue the joints together. Naturally, this will increase the time it takes for installing the laminate flooring in your Engadine residence. As a result, the installation costs will be higher too. However, glued laminate floors are usually the strongest variety of laminate floors.

-        Glue-less Click Laminate Floors: These floors are probably the most commonly sold variety of laminate floors. In case the laminate floor does not have a pre-attached underpad, the workers will need to place an underpad before they install the laminate floor. This underpad will serve to absorb sound. Some laminate floors come with pre-attached underpads as well. In areas that experience high levels of moisture, workers will need to place a thin plastic sheet or layer before installing the floor. This will serve to act as a moisture barrier.