5 Myths about Timber Flooring in Engadine Busted

Timber flooring in Engadine has always been popular as one of the first choices for creating floors. Despite the fact that they have been in use for centuries, there are some pretty common myths associated with them. We are here today to tell you what these myths are. Before you go looking for the best timber flooring in Sutherland Shire, Engadine and Picton, read through these to clear up your misconceptions.

 5 Myths about Timber Flooring in Wollondilly

 Myth#1: It Costs a Lot

 This is one of the most common misconceptions people have about timber flooring in Sutherland Shire. Timber flooring costs vary greatly depending upon several factors. Things like area covered, finishing on the wood blocks or panels and other factors determine the overall costs. You can also opt for engineered timbers rather than solid timber to reduce your expenses.

 Myth#2: It Harms the Environment

 Another common misconception about timber flooring in Engadine is that leads to deforestation. This is simply not true since one tree can provide timber for a number of houses depending on size. Further, timber flooring usually lasts for many years so the overall impact on the environment is negligible at best.

 Myth #3 They Demand Maintenance

 This is simply not true as any top-ranked Pickton and Engadnie Floor store owner will tell you. All you have to do to maintain your wood floor for years is to clean it regularly, address spills immediately and choose additions like lamination or carpets wisely. Doing the first two is mandatory but the third will add a lot of years to your flooring’s total lifespan.

 Myth#4: They Get Ruined Easily

 Again, not true because the top shops for flooring in Wollondilly, Engadine and Picton always lacquer their timber flooring. This provides a lot of protection to the floor against any accidental damage. In fact, they will also recommend that you get the lacquering done every few years to enhance the protective coating. If you have kids at home then doing this is highly recommended. 

 Myth#5: Wood Flooring Is Not Suitable For Pets

 Another very common misconception about timber flooring in Sutherland Shire is that pets are not good with it. Yes, it is true that pet hair can stand out on fine timber flooring. However, this problem can be easily fixed through regular cleaning or simply getting a carpet on the floors. Other problems with pets may include scratches or stains. This problem can also be fixed by getting laminate and addressing any bodily discharges immediately. If done quickly, they are not likely to leave any kind of mark.

 Where Can You Get the Best Quality Timber Flooring in Wollondilly?

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