Timber flooring Sutherland Shire – Choosing by the room type

Timber flooring Sutherland shire is suited to every room in the home, however it is equally important to know which type of wood flooring can be chosen based on the room type. Halls can give you a tough time when selecting the best timber flooring Sutherland shire since you need to be prepared for heavy traffic. In case you don’t have underground heating in the hall, you can choose between solid or engineered wood flooring.

For the lounge, one can safely use engineered wood since there’s no need to re-sand or, re-finish it on a regular basis. When choosing the right colour, style and finish for the lounge floor one can either go wild or stay conservative based on your mood and style. The dining room timber flooring Sutherland shire can choose engineered wood flooring which is suitable for installation of underfloor heating.

The bedroom can use hardwood flooring for the style and comfort. The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces and it can get hot and steamy. Temperature and moisture changes in the kitchen can play havoc with solid wood timber flooring and hence it is not recommended. Engineered wood is more stable and doesn’t expand or, contract easily thereby making them ideal for the kitchen timber flooring Sutherland shire.