Obtain Your New Residential or Commercial Flooring from the Best Suppliers in NSW

Many homeowners aspire to make their homes as aesthetically pleasing and welcoming as possible. To achieve this end, they pay a lot of attention on the interior décor. In some cases, they will even go to great lengths to purchase home décor accessories that can enliven the visual appeal of their homes. However, not many people will think a great deal about the influence the flooring has on their homes.

The floor represents the most continuous and thus, the largest single element in your house. It remains the first thing that anyone visiting your home will come into contact with. Certainly, the flooring will not always be in a person’s line of sight. Yet, the wrong floor could easily strike a discordant note in terms of the overall aesthetics of your home. Hence, selecting the right type of flooring for your home remains an important consideration.


With a collective experience of more than 220 years in the business, Picton & Engadine Floorstore offers the best flooring products and services in the country. A family owned and operated business, we do not only stock and sell an enviable range of flooring products. We also offer superb installation services for residential and commercial properties alike. We understand that not many of our clients possess sufficient know-how of the latest trends in the flooring industry. We also know that many people find themselves at sixes and sevens when it comes to picking the best floor from a plethora of options. For these reasons, we offer the best (and objective) advice to all our clients. Unlike other flooring suppliers, we do not push them into purchasing products that don’t suit their needs. Rather, we work in conjunction with our clients to help our clients make informed decisions.


The Engadine Floorstore has been serving the local flooring industry for several years. During this time, we have given the local community and those in the neighbouring suburbs access to the best flooring products and installation services. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer immense value to all our clients. Our flooring products and options might be comprehensive. From bamboo and vinyl floors to timber floors and rugs in NSW, we stock them all. But, they will suit the tastes, preferences and budgets of a diverse selection of people. And, the quality of our services remains unbeatable too.

Our team of experienced installers has delivered satisfaction to all the clients who have relied on us for installing their new floors. Whether you need a few square metres of flooring or thousands, you can rest assured of our ability to deliver what you need. Needless to say, we have the staff, the infrastructure and the experience to give you optimal value for every dollar that you spend. Click here to check out our enviable range of products. Or, contact our Picton and Engadine stores at (02) 4677 3366 or (02) 9520 0628 respectively to share your specifications.