What Factors Should You Consider When Determining The Quality Of A Carpet?

If you have been considering replacing your existing flooring material, you will want to shop around for the options available. Suppliers of flooring materials in NSW and other places usually stock an enviable range of flooring options.

From hardwood floors to carpets, they will inevitably have a plethora of options in stock. But, it can be worth highlighting that shopping for new floors will seldom be easy. The average Australian might be aware of the look that they want their new flooring to exude. However, sifting through the options available does not only involve expending time and effort. It entails doing the necessary research and consulting flooring professionals as well.

The average individual might find it hard to determine the quality of a carpet floor. But, professionals will not find this task very difficult. For these individuals, a casual glance will be enough for determining the quality of the carpet. These professionals will not find it hard to assess the quality of a carpet because they know the details they need to examine.

Various ‘hidden’ properties can enable you to evaluate a carpet’s quality such as:

The Density: A carpet’s density denotes the closeness with which the workers have tufted the fibres together into the carpet backing. The higher the carpet’s density, the greater its durability will be.

-  The Face Weight: For the uninitiated, a carpet’s face weight denotes the weight of the carpet pile per square yard of carpet. Many people assume that the face weight of a carpet best illustrates its quality. However, this notion will not always be true.

The Type of Fibre Used: Carpet flooring manufacturers use various fibres for making carpets. Nylon and wool remain popular choices. However, the cost effectiveness of polyester and acrylic have made them viable too.

The Fibre Twist: In the view of many flooring experts, the fibre twist of a carpet can be the best indicator of the carpet’s quality. It denotes the number of times workers have twisted the strands of the fibre together. In many cases, manufacturers will compute this as one-inch in length of a fibre. People often refer to this as the Turns Per Inch (TPI) the carpet features.

-  The Style of the Carpet: The carpet’s style could affect its performance. Therefore, consider whether the style of the carpet you want to purchase will suit your living spaces perfectly. A wrong purchase could mar the overall look of your home’s interiors.

-   The Warranties: Each time you purchase a carpet, you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty. Examine the warranty to see all the details covered. In some cases, the connotation of certain terms could vary from one manufacturer to the next.

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