Why Do Many Australians Install Bamboo Flooring in Their Properties?

Many suppliers stock an enviable range of bamboo floors in Australia. These floors offer superior levels of water-resistance. However, this does not mean that bamboo floors will be waterproof. Therefore, it can be ideal to avoid installing these floors in areas with excessive levels of water such as bathrooms. Installing bamboo floors requires immense care too. For instance, the installers will need to ensure that they install the bamboo floor once the subfloor has become completely dry.

Similarly, bamboo remains a renowned flooring material for its durability and strength. But, these attributes do not make it indestructible. Bamboo floors can be exceedingly hard-wearing floors. But, they still require proper care and maintenance. If you do not look after these floors properly, it will not take long for scratches and dents to come to the fore. For these reasons, some people avoid installing bamboo floors in their homes.


Having said that, an increasing number of people have been considering bamboo floors of late. The eco-friendly nature of bamboo floors has attracted environmentally-conscious people. For the uninitiated, bamboo denotes a fast-growing grass. It attains maturity in a quarter of the time that hardwood trees do. This attribute makes bamboo trees more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than hardwood trees. This aspect also serves to make bamboo floors more cost-effective than hardwood.

Bamboo floors come in a wide range of colours, styles, surface finishes, plank sizes and grain patterns. And, you will not necessarily remain confined to purchasing bamboo flooring planks. If you require, you will be able to buy bamboo parquet blocks from the local flooring showroom in NSW. These suppliers will not only have in stock an enviable range of bamboo floors. They will also be able to supply various matching flooring accessories as well – including pipe covers, skirting, beading etc.


One of the top benefits of bamboo floors lies in their versatility. You will be able to install your bamboo floors on virtually any kind of subfloor. In addition, you will be able to use these floors in most rooms inside your home. Bamboo remains famous for being dimensionally stable. Hence, it makes a good flooring material even for rooms that experience fluctuating temperature levels. In some cases, you will be able to use your bamboo floor with underfloor heating too. Moreover, installing bamboo floors will never be a complicated or time-consuming task. You can choose to float your bamboo floor over an underlay. Alternatively, you could even affix the bamboo floor to the subfloor with the help of glue or nails.


When it comes to durability, bamboo floors offer optimal value for your money. These floors can be extremely hard wearing. Strand woven bamboo floors, in particular, can be the best investment for your homes and offices. Flooring professionals opine that these floors can be twice as hard as oak, which makes strand woven floors ideal for using in residential and commercial facilities alike. More importantly, bamboo floors can be ideal for using in areas that witness high levels of foot traffic.

Besides these traits, bamboo floors can be hygienic and perfect for people suffering from all kinds of allergies. Cleaning these floors remains simple. A daily sweep will be all that you need to do to get rid off dirt, dust, pet hair and a myriad of other allergens. Bamboo floors offer no spaces or gaps for the allergens to accumulate in. Thus, it can suit allergy sufferers quite admirably. Hence, it comes as no surprise that bamboo floors have become increasingly popular with many Australian homeowners of late.

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