How Can You Tell That It’s Time to Get New Flooring for Your Home or Office?

The floors in any home or office inevitably end up experiencing the most wear and tear. No matter what people do in the building, they will always use the floor. They will walk on the floor. They will drag or move chairs, furniture and other objects across the floor. Children will run, play and slide on the floor. Some people will even do their exercises on the floor. In commercial and industrial facilities, forklifts and other machinery will operate on the floor.

Workers will load, unload, push or pull stacks of crates, goods and raw materials on the floor. Naturally, all these activities will take their toll. With the passage of time, the flooring will start appearing shabby and unsightly. Scratches, stains and scuff marks might also appear on the floor. Ignoring these signs might not be worthwhile for the condition of the floor will mar the overall look of your home or office interiors. Instead, considering the options available by shopping for new floors could be a better alternative.


Many Australian homes and workplaces feature tiled, laminated or wooden floors. These floors could last for as many as 25 – 30 years. Some homes and offices might feature carpeted floors. Carpets can often last for about 10 years or so. However, they will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Over time, you will find that even professional cleaning cannot restore your carpets to their former state.

In some cases, the bleach or wine stains might be all too apparent. In others, odours might have penetrated the carpet’s padding, making it difficult to put up with. It can be worth mentioning that once stains and odours seep into the carpet’s padding, getting rid of them can be difficult. Moreover, it will not always be possible to reverse the signs of wear and tear on carpets. So, when you find that a deep cleaning cannot restore the look of your carpet, you will need to consider replacing it.


Unlike carpets, ceramic tiles can last for several years. Dealing with them can be much easier as well. For instance, if you break a tile, replacing it can be a lot easier than repairing a rip or tear on a carpet. Similarly, cleaning and sealing stained grouts remains fairly simple too. But, it can be worth highlighting that tiles do not always exude a timeless look as wooden floors do, for instance. Thus, the size, the colour and pattern of the tiles might give your home or office a dated look. In such situations, replacing your existing tiles with contemporary ones might yield better value.


Many people will admire the look that thin vinyl or laminate tiles exude. However, laminate and vinyl flooring clearly reveal indicators that they require replacing. Once these floors start peeling up, you will need to replace them. In many cases, wear and tear or water damage might cause these floors to peel. The peeling of these floors indicates that the adhesive that binds these floors has begun to come apart. Similarly, some people will find the timelessly classic look of hardwood floors hard to ignore. These floors can last for several years. But, you might need to sand and refinish them to eliminate any scuff and scratch marks. Over time, even this might not enhance the appearance of the floor. In these situations, replacing them will be your best recourse.

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