An Overview of the Different Types of Carpet Used for Flooring

Many homeowners like adorning their homes with the best floor coverings. Not surprisingly, many suppliers of flooring offer a diverse range of modern and contemporary flooring options. When homeowners think of replacing their flooring, they will usually think of timber, tiles or vinyl floors. But, installing carpets can be a remarkable idea as well. For many people, carpeted floors can be the flooring material of choice for people with traditional tastes and preferences. However, carpets can exude a contemporary visual appeal that can make them perfect for modern homes too. So, as long as you can select the right carpets and rugs for your NSW home, you will be able to derive optimal value for your money.


Carpets come in two main types i.e. cut pile carpets and loop pile carpets. The kind of fibre used for making cut pile carpets and the density of the tufts often contribute to the durability of these carpets. In addition, the twist of the yarn helps make these carpets more durable as well. Cut pile carpets typically come in the following styles:


-        Textured: These carpets comprise low-density fibres that can hide the dirt by virtue of their informal look. But, these carpets will only be suitable for use in low-traffic areas.

-        Plush: Plush carpets often exude a formal look. Their smooth and even finishes make them the carpets of choice for many Australian homes and commercial facilities.

-        Saxony: Saxony carpets also feature smooth and even finishes. However, the fibres used in these carpets will be longer. Despite this, it can be worth highlighting that marks (such as footprints) will easily show up on these carpets.

-        Frieze: Frieze carpets typically feature longer fibres with a higher number of twists. This trait makes these carpets look similar to their textured counterparts. While not suitable for use in high-traffic areas, these carpets can hide marks quite easily.

-        Cable: Manufacturers usually make cable carpets with thicker and longer fibres. This makes cable carpets feel more comfortable and cosier to walk on.


Similarly, loop pile carpets have become quite popular as all-purpose carpets. The manufacturers of this style of carpets do not cut the yarn tips. Thus, the loops remain visible in these carpets. The sturdy construction of these carpets makes them suitable for use in a myriad of places. Not surprisingly, many Australians have begun considering the merits of these carpets when shopping for new flooring for their NSW homes. Loop pile carpets typically come in the following styles:


-        Berber (or Level Loop): These carpets feature packed, short loop fibres. While these carpets will exude an informal look, their fibres make them ideal for using in high-traffic areas. The fibres in these carpets come with various flecks of colour. Thus, these carpets can conceal dirt and marks easily.

-        Patterned Multi-Level Loop: This style of carpets features loops that vary in height. As a result, the fibres help in creating textures and patterns that can enhance the visual appeal of the carpet.

-        Cut and Loop: Such carpets inevitably feature a good mix of cut pile and loop pile fibres. The textured appearance of these carpets enables them to conceal dirt and stains well. At the same time, these carpets can be ideal for using in areas that experience high levels of traffic.

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