What Kinds of Carpet Styles Can You Commonly Come Across in Australia?

Installing carpet flooring in your Picton residence can be a good decision. But, it is worth mentioning that not all carpet styles and types are conducive for use in all situations or lifestyles. For example, some carpet styles are ideal for use in polished and low-traffic areas.

These carpets will usually be more luxurious in appearance. In contrast, other carpets will be perfect for withstanding the everyday wear and tear that comes with daily use. Such carpets will usually be cheaper and tougher. Carpets can add warmth and comfort to your home. They can act as good sound barriers between rooms. In addition, they can suit those constrained by budgets. But, investing in carpeted flooring still involves making the right selection.

Manufacturers construct carpets by weaving material through the backing of the carpet. The weaving style denotes the pile of the carpet. Depending on whether the manufacturers loop the pile or cut it in certain angles, the style of the carpet changes accordingly. 

Some of the different carpet styles that you would typically come across include:

Cable: This cut-pile carpet style utilises longer yarns. It provides superior levels of comfort. Thus, it is not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

Saxony: This style is more formal in appearance. Its plush look and feel enhance this effect. Carpets having this style will show footprints and furniture marks. Thus, they are not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

While being warm and comfortable, these carpets come in an array of colours, patterns and textures. But, these carpets hold more dirt, dust and dander than other low-pile carpets. Avoid using these carpets if you have people suffering from asthma and other allergies in your house.

Plush: Carpets featuring this formal style have even surfaces. They feel smoother underfoot too. 

Textured: Textured carpets are not as formal as other cut-pile carpets. Made from uneven, crimped material, they exude a casual look. This uneven look enables the carpet to hide dirt. Homeowners often use this carpet in low-traffic areas.

Frieze (or Twist Construction): These carpets sport a more casual appearance. They feel springy underfoot as well. Installing frieze carpets in your Sutherland Shire property can be a good decision. The longer fibres of these carpets will conceal dirt well. They also create a fun, textured appearance. Use these carpets if you have kids and pets in the house. 

Berber: Carpets featuring this loop-pile carpet style have short, compact and looped fibres of uniform height. Thus, these carpets sport a casual look. This makes them immensely durable, which is exactly what you need in high-traffic areas.

These carpets do not stain easily. They do not hold as much dirt, dust and dander as longer pile carpets. They can withstand a lot of wear too. In addition, they are quite inexpensive as well. However, they could feel slightly rough underfoot.

Patterned: Carpets featuring this loop-pile carpet style will have loops of different sizes. This helps in creating a myriad of patterns and textures. These carpets could look worn occasionally because they are not very resilient. But, they are superb when it comes to concealing dirt in high-traffic areas. These carpets provide a visual centrepiece to your home interiors. 

Plain Weave: Plain carpets can provide an effective backdrop to your interior décor. They will exude a warm look without overpowering your interior home décor style.

Heathered: Heathered carpets typically feature mottled textures. This trait enables them to make any room feel softer.