How to Take Good Care of Your Solid Timber Floors

Manufacturers of solid timber floors usually cut the wooden boards from a single piece of natural timber. Among all the different types of flooring materials sold in Australia these days, wooden flooring is among the simplest. These floors remain highly renowned the world over for their unique and incredible beauty. Each solid timber floor offers its own combination of grain, species and colour. This makes it easier for home and business owners to find a combination that suits their personal tastes and preferences. In addition, solid timber floors are durable and long-lasting. They can easily outlast their owners. One advantage with these floors is that you can sand them down and refinish them several times. As a result, you will continue to enjoy a sleek looking floor without any of the scratches and dents that accompany frequent use. A solid timber floor can be great for using in high-traffic areas. In addition, it can add long-term value to your property.

However, you will only get to enjoy these benefits if you take proper care of the timber and laminate flooring in your Picton property. It is worth mentioning that new timber floors can be an expensive and time-consuming investment. So, you will need to maintain them well, so that the quality of the floor continues to remain in superb condition. Some of the ways by which you could take proper care of your solid timber floors is by:

  • Letting the Timber Sealing Dry Completely: Some homeowners can be quite impatient. So, after applying a fresh coat of varnish, they will simply not think twice before placing their furniture and other items on the freshly varnished floor. This can be counterproductive. It could lead to the appearance of dents on the varnish. For best results, avoid placing carpets or rugs on timber floors for at least 15 days after the application of the finish. Similarly, avoid placing your furniture on the flooring for at least 48 hours after applying a new coat of varnish.
  • Using the Floor Carefully: If you use your floor carefully, you will be able to protect it from scratches and scuffmarks. For instance, consider fitting protective padding on the legs of your furniture. Similarly, use protective mats for furniture fitted with castors. Or, replace ball castors with barrel castors as the latter will not damage the floor as much.
  • Preventing the Build-up of Dirt and Water: Place trapping mats at all exterior doors. This will minimise the amount of dirt, sand and grit that enters indoors. Clean your small rugs and hall runners regularly. Sweep common areas with soft-bristle brooms frequently too. Only clean the timber flooring in your Sutherland Shire property with well-wrung mops. Otherwise, the floor could remain wet for long spans of time. This will change the balance of moisture in the timber and cause expansion or cupping.
  • Protecting Your Flooring from Harsh Temperatures: Hardwood timber floors remain prone to fading, darkening or changing shades with the passage of time. Exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperature & moisture changes could accelerate this significantly. Use window coverings to block the sunlight. Similarly, maintain a neutral temperature to eliminate hassles such as dryness, gaps and cupping.
  • Resealing the Timber Floor Regularly: Inspect the flooring at least once a year. Varying moisture and temperature levels could discolour the wood. Clean the floor thoroughly. Thereafter, seal it with varnish or oil.