Why You Should Consider Installing Vinyl Flooring in Your Wollondilly Residence

When people typically think of vinyl floors, they will conjure up images of outdated and out-of-style flooring. These floors used to be quite popular some decades ago – especially in bathrooms. Not only could vinyl floors offer superior levels of durability. They were water-resistant too. More importantly, they presented an economical flooring option to those who could not afford the exorbitant rates of hardwood floors. But, this led to the creation of the perception that vinyl floors were cheap. And, no self-respecting homeowners would want to install cheap flooring in their homes. As a result, vinyl floors developed a bad reputation. This, in conjunction with the emergence of deluxe flooring materials, led to a rapid decline in the demand for vinyl floors. 

However, vinyl flooring is now staging a remarkable comeback. Today, people consider this flooring material to be both, trendy and modern. Advancements in manufacturing processes and technology have yielded a superior variety of vinyl flooring. The new vinyl flooring is not just durable and visually appealing. It is immensely versatile as well. Not surprisingly, it has caught the imagination of many property owners across the country. Today, you will not find it too hard to come across residential and commercial properties alike that feature vinyl flooring in their interiors. 

There are various considerations that people make when they shop for new flooring. Some people look at designs, patterns and textures. Others look for materials that offer the best value for their money. Similarly, some people look at aspects such as durability, water-resistance etc. Vinyl floors offer all these features and more. For many people, installing vinyl floors in their buildings is a no-brainer because vinyl floors:

  • Are Durable: The vinyl and laminate flooring options found in Picton and other places these days are quite durable. They usually feature multiple layers. The more the layers present in the flooring, the greater the levels of durability that the flooring will offer. The uppermost wear layer protects the vinyl floor from many wear-and-tear issues. 
  • Are Affordable: In many cases, manufacturers of vinyl flooring use recycled materials to produce vinyl flooring. This inevitably reduces prices. So, in terms of environment-friendliness and affordability, vinyl makes a superlative flooring option.
  • Offer Numerous Options: Vinyl flooring does not only come in sheets and tiles. It comes in planks as well. Vinyl sheets are ideal for use in large areas. These sheets are cheap in terms of their per-square-foot charge. Vinyl tiles are remarkably easy to install. Vinyl planks are probably the most expensive looking flooring options when it comes to vinyl flooring. These planks exude the look of traditional hardwood, while being much cheaper in terms of price. Vinyl planks come in varying widths and lengths. They are easier to maintain when compared to genuine hardwood flooring. Engineered Vinyl Planks (EVPs) offer the best levels of durability and resilience. These planks typically feature waterproof inner cores and additional cork underlayment for dampening sound and temperature transmission.
  • Are Easy to Maintain: Vinyl and laminate flooring are quite popular in Sutherland Shire and other places because these materials are easy to maintain. All you will need to do is to wipe these floors with a cloth regularly. This feature makes vinyl floors ideal for any room in the house.