How Does Timber Flooring Compare with Tiled Flooring?

When it comes to flooring materials, tiles and timber are two of the most common materials. Both materials come in an endless range of colours, patterns, designs etc. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain. Both are non-allergenic flooring options. Both flooring materials exude a superlative aesthetic appeal as well. Given these similarities, homeowners often find themselves stumped for choice when they need to select one of the two. If this is the situation that you’re finding yourself in, consider picking the brains of a reputed supplier of timber and vinyl flooring in Picton or elsewhere.

In hot weather, walking on a cool tiled floor can be a blissful experience. But, this flooring material can feel quite uncomfortable in colder conditions. In this scenario, you will need to install a heated tiled floor. In contrast, timber floors feel softer underfoot. They can give your home a warm and natural ambience. In addition, timber floors will look good regardless of the design style. So, they will look equally nice in traditional or contemporary homes.

Some factors that you will do well to consider before you pick tiles or timber floors include:

  • The appearance, comfort underfoot and budget of the floor
  • The volume and the kind of traffic that comes through the house
  • The levels of durability needed for coping with these levels of traffic
  • Whether you want to place greater emphasis on looks (visual appeal) or practicality (functionality)
  • The time you will be able to invest for cleaning and maintaining the floor and,
  • The sound or noise levels that walking on the floor will produce

Tiles come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. They deliver a contemporary and clean look. They are hard wearing and long-lasting. They are easy to clean. And, they don’t require as much maintenance as a timber floor will. If the tiles feature natural stone, they might require regular sealing. On the flipside, tiles can date based on the colour and style that you have selected. Limited stocks and varying batch lots mean that you will find it difficult to match tiles for replacing broken tiles some months down the line. This also means that if you wish to extend your home subsequently, finding identical tiles will be tough. Similarly, highly polished tiles can be reflective and cause glares. In wet areas, certain tiles can be slippery, leading to slips and falls. In addition, heavily textured tiles can be hard to clean because they trap dirt easily. Lastly, any items falling on tiled floors will break or shatter easily.

If you require timber or laminate flooring in your Engadine property, you will need to remember a few things. Timber floors are relatively more expensive. They can scratch and be noisy. Natural movement could lead to the floor creaking until it settles down. Timber floors require sealing and regular maintenance. The colour of the floor could change slightly with the passage of time. In addition, timber floors absorb moisture from the air. This makes them unsuitable for homes located in areas that experience humid weather. Having said that, these floors complement almost any kind of décor and home styles. They will not look dated. They retain heat excellently in colder climates. And, regular sanding could make them look as good as new.