How Can You Protect or Finish Your Solid Timber Floor to Perfection?

In some cases, timber flooring suppliers in Picton and elsewhere can provide flooring made of solid and unfinished timber. Some interior design experts believe that such floors are probably the best investments when you want new floors. This is because giving these floors a fresh lease of life is easy. So, whenever the floors start looking shabby or stained, you will not need to think about replacing them. Instead, you can simply renew them by hiring professionals to sand the floors. In contrast, you will not be able to give your laminated floors a similar makeover. Similarly, unlike carpets, your timber floors will not soak up liquids. And, they will be easier to clean as well. In many cases, solid timber flooring could last you for as long as 100 years.

People wanting to make a long-term investment in their homes, will opt for quality new flooring. In this scenario, floors comprising solid timber offer optimal value for money. However, these floors often come unfinished (or as milled). Once installed, these floors will require quality sealants. Sealants serve to bring out the natural beauty of these floors. In addition, they help protect the timber floors from staining. Some of the best products for finishing your solid timber floors include:

  • Solvent-based Polyurethane Finishes: Polyurethane finishes feature plastics suspended in solvents. These finishes make your timber floors water and stain resistant. This enhances the durability of the floor. Polyurethane finishes are among the most popular wood finishes in the country. They are affordable and practical too. But, only apply these finishes in a well-ventilated environment.
  • Water-based Polyurethane Finishes: These wooden floor finishes are non-toxic and ecofriendly. In the past, these finishes were not very durable. However, technological advancements have made these finishes more durable and long-lasting.
  • Oil-based Polyurethane Finishes: In terms of durability, oil-based polyurethane finishes are not as good as their solvent-based counterparts. But, they are more durable than natural-oil-based finishes. Oil-based finishes are not as toxic as solvent-based finishes too. Thus, they provide your floors with a more natural look. In addition, they are easy to patch and spot-repair. Not surprisingly, several suppliers of timber and vinyl flooring in Wollondilly and elsewhere stock these finishes.
  • Traditional Oil-based Finishes: If you require a traditional and non-toxic finishing process, opt for traditional oil finishes. The oil soaks into the timber. This makes the timber moisture and scratch resistant. In some cases, the workers might apply wax over the oil to make the surface more impervious. It is worth mentioning that you’ll likely need to apply this finish every few years or so. However, the satiny finish will look remarkable. And, should you decide to sand the floor, you will not need to sand off a layer of plastic before you get to the wood. Performing spot-repairs and touch-ups is easier as well.