What Are Some of the Most Common Kinds of Wooden Floors Sold in the Country?

Hardwood or timber floors offer a myriad of advantages. Not only do they exude a timelessly classic look. They can suit almost any kind of colour combination or interior décor style with ease. They will usually be relatively expensive as opposed to other kinds of floors. But, you can rest assured that your home will look elegant, warm and visually appealing at all times. Timber floors offer excellent value for money. They can usually last for as long as the building itself. And, resurfacing these floors is quite easy too. If you’re an environmentally-conscious person, you will do well to opt for timber floors in your home. But, you will need to make your purchases from a supplier who offers timber flooring made from renewable or recycled timber.

As mentioned earlier, suppliers of timber and laminate flooring in Wollondilly and other places typically stock a diverse range of floors. Some of the most common varieties of timber floors include:

  • Solid Tongue and Groove Hardwood Floors: These floors belong to the traditional flooring system. They remain peerless when it comes to beauty and durability. Installers will usually lay the solid hardwood tongue and groove strip flooring directly onto joists, battens or concrete. Alternatively, they will nail the strips to the existing timber floor. Manufacturers design these boards in a way that provides a compact plank-to-plank fit. This results in a continuous and stable surface.
  • Pre-Finished Engineered Floors: Traditional timber floors will require regular sanding and polishing. So, if you want a floor that offers all the benefits of tongue-and-groove floors without requiring sanding or polishing, opt for pre-finished engineered floors. These floors typically feature four to five layers of timber fused together into planks. These boards come pre-finished with the applied coating. So, installing these floors is much easier and faster as opposed to the regular tongue-and-groove floors.
  • Parqueted Floors: Parquetry floors usually come in two styles i.e. mosaic and block. Mosaic parquetry floors feature small fingers of timber in tile form. Similarly, block parquetry floors comprise single blocks of timber. You can arrange these in any pattern that appeals to you. These floors can be a stunning addition to any home or office.
  • Laminated Timber Floors: Laminate flooring will usually feature a picture of timber affixed to a board. This gives it the look of a timber floor. These floors are much cheaper than authentic timber floors. At the same time, they remain highly durable too. Laminate floors comprise four layers, which the manufacturers heat-press together in one large sheet. Thereafter, the manufacturers will cut these sheets into various sizes. It is worth mentioning that laminate boards come with specific joining systems. These systems serve to provide a structurally stable floor. Laminate floors do not require sanding and coating either. Not surprisingly, laminate and timber flooring are quite popular in Engadine and the neighbouring areas.
  • Bamboo Floors: If you want an environment-friendly flooring material, opt for bamboo. Bamboo floors are extremely lightweight and hard wearing. They offer high levels of moisture resistance. As a result, they remain stable in all-weather conditions. Many people might feel that bamboo floors offer little by way of options. But, this is not quite true. These floors come in an assortment of colours. In addition, they come in various textures as well.