What is the Difference Between Vinyl Sheets and Vinyl Tiles?

When you want to install a durable and cost-effective flooring material, vinyl might be the way to go. This material comes with a myriad of options. This diversity of choice will inevitably help you find one floor that suits your needs perfectly. In addition, whether you require a simple floor or a luxurious one, vinyl flooring can provide the result that you want to accomplish. In terms of durability and quality, vinyl floors are peerless. And, if you want a flooring that will suit your budget comfortably, vinyl flooring offers the value that you seek. Suppliers of vinyl and laminate flooring in Engadine and other places usually stock two kinds of vinyl flooring i.e. vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles.

As the name implies, vinyl sheets come in a sheet form. On purchasing this product, you will get rolls of vinyl sheets. Vinyl sheets are relatively cheaper as opposed to vinyl tiles. This is because suppliers usually find it easier to provide these sheets without having to make precision cuts. Thus, the labour required for making these sheets is minimal. In addition, there is little by way of wastage too. Despite being cheaper than vinyl tiles, it is worth highlighting that vinyl sheets are in no way inferior to their tiled counterparts. This is especially so in terms of quality. 

Vinyl sheets are completely impermeable when it comes to water. Thus, they are ideal for use in areas that experience high levels of moisture and humidity. For instance, kitchens and bathrooms typically require waterproof floor coverings. In this scenario, vinyl sheets could make ideal floor coverings. Not only will they provide the water resistance needed to prevent any damage arising from spills and stains. They will be easier to clean as well. Unlike hardwood flooring, vinyl sheets will not warp. This is because vinyl sheets do not feature any seams that would facilitate the seepage of water through to the subfloor.

Many people install carpet tiles in their Wollondilly residences. These tiles are quite similar to vinyl tiles. Both kinds of tiles are basically square in shape. They will be nine inches to 12 inches square. They will usually have a thickness of about 1/8th of an inch. When it comes to installation, vinyl tiles are much easier to handle than vinyl sheets. Installing vinyl sheets will invariably necessitate hiring professional installers. In contrast, if you’re comfortable with using various tools, you could consider installing vinyl tiles by yourself. 

With the passage of time, it is possible that the flooring might take some beating and consequently, look unseemly or shabby. In this scenario too, replacing vinyl floor tiles is much easier than replacing vinyl sheets. Replacing vinyl sheets will necessitate removing the entire sheet and replacing it. Instead, it is much easier to remove a tile (or two) and replace them. Many interior designers prefer using vinyl tiles in their projects. This is because making the tiles simulate the look and feel of other floor coverings is much easier – from a design perspective. 

If you need to decide between purchasing vinyl tiles or sheets, there is no easy answer. If you want a floor that holds up well and will last for several years, purchase vinyl sheet flooring for your Picton property. Invest in vinyl sheets in case you are facing budgetary constraints as well. In contrast, if you want your vinyl floors to exude the look of hardwood floors without busting your budget, opt for vinyl tiles. Purchasing tiles will help you minimise your installation expenses too.