Which Flooring Materials Do Australian Homeowners Often Select?

When it comes to flooring materials, Australians have no dearth of options. Suppliers of quality flooring materials have an enviable range of flooring materials, designs, finishes, patterns and colours. These attest to the increasing number of options that people have access to. However, this wide range of options can be a bane as well. This is especially so when you need to pick one flooring material that will enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors. When people shop for new flooring in their Engadine homes, they usually consider the appearance of the floor and the cost. But, it might be beneficial to compare the benefits and the downsides of each flooring material that captures their attention. This might enable them to get a flooring that yields the best value for their money.

Some of the most popular kinds of flooring materials in Australia include:

  • Tiles: Tiles come in an enviable range of options. Suppliers usually offer tiles featuring marble, slate, travertine, granite and porcelain. Glazed ceramic tiles are highly durable. They are water and scratch resistant. They are easy to clean too. But, they can be very loud when trod on. In addition, heating systems for tile are expensive. Tile remains susceptible to cracking too. Moreover, the grout will require regular cleaning to rid it of stains. Tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Hiring professional installers to install tiles will add to the cost of the project.
  • Laminate Floors: One of the cheapest flooring materials, laminate floors do not scratch easily. These floors can exude the look of authentic hardwood or tiles. In some cases, identifying whether floor is a laminate floor, or a hardwood floor can be difficult too. Cleaning laminate floors is easy. Laminate floors are ideal for high-traffic areas such as foyers. However, it is worth highlighting that standing water can damage these floors.
  • Carpet Floors: The use of carpet floors is quite popular in Picton and the adjoining areas. This material does not only feel soft underfoot. It exudes a soft look that enhances the visual appeal of any space. Carpets are soft, comfortable and noiseless to walk on. They are easy to install too. More importantly, installing carpets over uneven subfloors is easy too. Advancements in fibre technology have resulted in the emergence of stain-resistant carpets. But, these carpets still require regular vacuuming and steam-cleaning. Only then, will these carpets offer years of use and optimal value for your money.
  • Vinyl Floors: Like carpet, vinyl floors are quiet and feel comfortable underfoot. They are inexpensive too. Vinyl can exude the look of wooden or tiled floors. But, cheaper varieties can dent and tear easily. People typically use vinyl floors in their laundry rooms. This is because vinyl can absorb sounds well. The warmth of these floors can make them suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms too.
  • Hardwood Floors: Hardwood floors are relatively more expensive than other flooring materials. But, this also depends on the kind of hardwood that you plump for. Engineered wood usually comes at lower rates. Hardwood floors look superb and offer great resale value. They are easy to clean and maintain as well. In many cases, a simple vacuuming can make them clean quickly. However, it is worth mentioning that hardwood floors can be loud to walk on. In addition, they will need refinishing when used in high-traffic areas. Before you purchase these floors, consider the installation costs as well. In some cases, the cost for installing these floors could well run into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.