Noteworthy Bamboo Flooring Suppliers Offer the Best Variety of Products

New flooring can radically alter the appearance of a space more than any other interior design elements. Investing in quality new flooring will not only improve the overall look of your home or office. It can increase the asking price of your property on the market as well. Having the right floor can help you create a special space in any room of your choice.

Because of this, homeowners often end up expending a significant amount of time and effort towards identifying the flooring material that best suits their needs. Suppliers of flooring material will invariably offer a diverse selection of materials.

From carpet and bamboo flooring to linoleum and hardwood floors, they will have it all. However, if you want a robust and eco-friendly material in your home or office, you will do well to consider installing bamboo floors.


An Overview of Bamboo Floors


Carpet flooring can be one of the most comfortable and welcoming flooring materials on offer. But, it requires regular care and maintenance. Similarly, some people prefer hardwood floors for their visually appealing and natural look.

Of late, the demand for bamboo as a flooring material has been on the rise. In terms of appearance, bamboo flooring looks a lot like other hardwood floors. But, bamboo floors will be more durable, sustainable and eco-friendly as opposed to other varieties of hardwood.

Contrary to popular perception, bamboo denotes a grass as opposed to wood. Workers cut the bamboo into strips or strands. Thereafter, they create bamboo flooring planks by drying and machining the bamboo strips.

Flooring experts consider bamboo to be a dimensionally stable flooring material. Hence, it can be ideal for floating over an underlay or using with underfloor heating. In addition, it can be useful to install bamboo floors in areas where humidity and temperature levels fluctuate considerably. As such, many Australians use bamboo floors in their kitchens and bathrooms.


Vertical Bamboo Flooring – A Superior Alternative to Traditional Hardwood Floors


Flooring suppliers often offer bamboo as an affordable and durable alternative to hardwood floors. In terms of hardness, bamboo floors might seem similar to oak floors. But, they have a unique and distinctive appearance. In vertical bamboo floors, the bamboo grain will not be very apparent. This will be so because workers will construct thin strips of bamboo vertically to form a flooring plank.

These floors come in a diverse selection of colour stains to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. Many people opt for natural shades such as pale or golden-brown hues. Others prefer carbonised shades including richer and darker brown tones. Installing vertical bamboo floors can be easy and straightforward. In addition, unlike carpet flooring, these floors do not need much by way of maintenance and care.


Horizontal Bamboo Floors – What Distinguishes Them from Vertical Floors?


The plank of horizontal bamboo flooring features horizontal strips of bamboo. This makes the grain look wider and more visible as compared to vertical bamboo floors. In vertical bamboo floors, the seam and edges will not be as easy to see. Because of this, horizontal floors can exude a more textured look. Horizontal bamboo floors come in different colour stains. So, you will be able to find shades and tones that suit your requirements.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional and distressed appearance, opt for floors with hand-scraped finishes. In the flooring industry, horizontal bamboo floors remain popular for their stability. Because of this, workers do not need to fix these floors in place. In addition, installing them over almost all varieties of subfloors remains easy as well. Not surprisingly, workers can lay it loose over an underlay, glue it, nail it or even, screw it down if needed.


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