What Are the Best Ways for Cleaning Your Carpet Floors?

It goes without saying that carpets are among the most popular varieties of flooring in Australia. Undoubtedly, they do not offer much scope for use in kitchens and bathrooms. But, placing them anywhere else inside the house can be quite beneficial. In kitchens and bathrooms, tile or wood flooring can be appropriate.

However, people often use carpets in their living rooms, bedrooms, closets, dining rooms etc. Floors enable people to walk on them and to move from one place to another. As such, it is but inevitable that the constant flow of traffic will wear down the flooring in your Engadine home.

In addition, accidental spills could lead to the manifestation of stains on the carpet. No matter how clean you keep your carpets, you will not be able to eliminate either of these two occurrences.


It is but natural that homeowners will want to keep their homes looking beautiful, elegant and stylish. As such, they will need to keep their carpeted floors in prime condition. Naturally, this will involve cleaning the carpets on a regular basis.

At the same time, it will involve cleaning spills almost as soon as they occur. For smaller stains caused by spills, consider soaking the stained area with a small, wet washcloth or paper towel. Many people make the mistake of wiping such stains. This could cause the stain to settle more deeply into the fibre of the carpet. It is worth highlighting that horizontal strokes or movements result in smearing the liquid further.

Thus, getting rid of the stain subsequently becomes immensely difficult. Instead, you should focus on applying pressure on a consolidated area. This will enable the washcloth or the paper towel to absorb most of the spilt liquid. At the same time, it would help in containing the damage to the surface area of the carpet.


Similarly, in some cases, you might not be able to wipe away spills as soon as they take place. Dealing with stains on carpets caused by spills that took place some time back is not easy. In many cases, it is quite likely that the stain will remain. But, you might be able to clean small patches of your stained carpet with the help of everyday items such as baking soda. Baking soda is an alkaline substance.

As such, it reacts with other compounds, thereby making them easier to remove. Many people use baking soda for eliminating stains caused by wine and soda spills. On occasions, you might need to get rid of sticky substances (such as gum) from your carpets.

In this scenario, place a few ice cubes on the affected area for a few minutes. Then, scrape the gum off with a cloth or a spoon. The underlying logic behind this is that the ice will freeze the gum, thereby negating its stickiness.


Stains caused by grease can be hard to eliminate. Sometimes, spraying the affected area with a dishwasher detergent might yield some benefits. After spraying the detergent, wipe the affected area of the carpet in your Wollondilly property with a cloth. Similarly, dealing with issues that are more widespread or those arising from the usual wear and tear can be hard to deal with. In such cases, you could consider purchasing appliances that clean carpets.

However, not all of these machines clean carpets thoroughly. In many cases, these machines will only provide a superficial level of cleaning. Therefore, experts say that it is worthwhile giving your carpets a professional and deep clean at least once or twice each year.

This is especially so for carpets placed in high-traffic areas. Doing so could help maintain the quality and enhance the longevity of the carpets. At the same time, it could help minimise the appearance of issues that are more serious some months down the line.