What Carpet Maintenance Mistakes Should Homeowners Typically Avoid Committing?

When homeowners shop for new floors for their homes, they do not merely consider how the flooring looks. Nor do they make their decision based solely on whether the flooring material will complement the existing interior décor style of their homes. In some cases, the cost will certainly be a factor. This is especially so if you’re installing one of the pricier flooring materials such as hardwood.

In others, the ease with which the homeowners will be able to clean and maintain the floor plays an important role. In homes where both the adults spend a considerable amount of time at work, cleaning the floor each day will not be something that is easy to accomplish. As a result, if something spills on the floor, it could end up leaving a stain that becomes harder to remove with each passing day.


When homeowners want to replace their existing flooring with carpet or vinyl flooring in their Picton homes, they often look for quality installation services. Quite a few homeowners prefer adopting a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) approach when it comes to handling various jobs in the house. But, when it comes to installing your new flooring, this approach might not be worthwhile. Installing a new floor is a specialised and labour-intensive activity.

Hence, it is best to use professional installers to ensure that you get a quality installation and finish. At the same time, you will need to take proper care of your new floor to ensure that it lasts for longer. Some mistakes that homeowners often make when maintaining their new floors include:


-        Cleaning their Floors Too Frequently: Cleaning carpets regularly is worthwhile. But, cleaning them more often than needed could loosen the pile or cause the carpet to fade. This would make your carpet look much older than it actually is.

-        Not Cleaning Stains and Spills Immediately: Carpets typically feature absorbent materials and thick fibres. This makes them soak up liquids from spills very easily. The longer you take to clean the spill, the deeper the liquids will settle into the fibres. Once this happens, getting rid of the stain can be extremely difficult. Hence, ensure that you dab away any spills as soon as possible.

-        Using Inappropriate or Unsuitable Cleaning Products: When homeowners clean carpet floors in their Sutherland Shire homes, they will inevitably use an assortment of cleaning products. But, not all carpet cleaning products are equal. Using off-the-shelf cleaning products from big box stores could damage your carpets. This is especially so because quite a few of these products contain harsh chemicals.

To avoid this, use recommended carpet cleaners that feature non-toxic ingredients and gentle formulations. Before using the cleaner, test it out on a small spot of the carpet. See if the cleaner causes any damage or if the carpet shows any discolouration. If it doesn’t, you could use the cleaner on the rest of the carpet. Alternatively, hire carpet cleaning professionals to give your carpets a thorough cleaning.