What Are Some of the Most Common Issues that Occur in Timber and Wooden Flooring in Picton and Other Places?

It is worth mentioning that installing timber floors can make your home interiors look stylish and charming. But, these flooring materials are not devoid of potential problems that could arise over time. With the passage of time, timber floors could develop a number of issues and concerns. Naturally, you will need to deal with them as and when they take place. But, before you invest in timber flooring, it might be useful to gain insights about the kinds of issues that arise with timber flooring. Some of the most common issues and problems that can take place with timber flooring include:

-        Dents: Some homeowners don’t pay attention to the wood they select. They invest in cheaper, cabin-grade wood. This could be counterproductive in the long run. This wood might have a lot of attractive characteristics. But, it can also be susceptible to damage. To avoid this, consider investing in timber that might be more expensive, but one that does not wear as easily.

-        Gaps: As the seasons change, solid wooden floors will contract and expand. As such, the wider the planks of wood in your floor are, the more visible the swelling and shrinking of these planks will be. Avoid purchasing wider planks if you live in a humid region.

-        Smears and Smudges: Timber flooring with high-gloss finishes will be very susceptible to smudges and smears. To keep a floor looking glossy, you will need to maintain it well. You will need to polish it frequently too. Consider this before you purchase timber flooring with a high-gloss finish.