Is All Timber Flooring the Same Throughout Australia?

Laminate flooring is quite popular in Engadine and other places. This is because it is easy to clean and maintain. It is affordable too. This makes it attractive to homeowners on a budget. Most importantly, laminate floors can mimic the look of almost any kind of flooring material. So, if you cannot afford hardwood flooring, you could opt for laminate flooring. You would be able to achieve a similar effect at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, it is worth mentioning that the term ‘timber flooring’ is generic in nature. It can refer to any flooring that looks like timber or has timber-specific elements present in it. One of the best aspects about timber flooring is that it is available abundantly. In addition, it comes in a wide range of varieties. It is environment-friendly too. Most importantly, it can make your home look stylishly elegant and timeless.

In Australia, you will usually come across four main categories of timber or hardwood flooring. These include:

-        Solid Timber Floors: Suppliers make these floors solely from one kind of timber. Suppliers typically cut this layer into floorboards. Thereafter, they nail these floorboards to the subfloor. Many homeowners prefer solid timber floors because they impart a unique look to the home interiors. This is typically because suppliers can make solid timber floors from a diverse range of timbers. Solid timber flooring typically comes in prefinished and unfinished forms. To these, suppliers will usually apply oil or water-based finishes, based on the customer’s requirements.

-        Engineered Timber Floors: These floors comprise several layers of timber. If you cannot afford solid timber flooring, opt for engineered timber flooring. The upper layer of these floors comprises authentic and durable timber. Beneath this layer lie two or three other layers of cheaper timber. The additional layers serve to enhance the strength of these floors. Unlike their solid counterparts, the extra layers make engineered timber flooring less susceptible to water damage. This is because the manufacturers typically treat the layers of timber with resins to prevent water from seeping through to the inner layers.

-        Laminate Timber Floors: Laminate timber floors will typically have at least one layer of real timber in their innermost core. Fast becoming one of the most popular flooring materials in Sutherland Shire and other places, laminated timber floors typically comprise Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). For the uninitiated, MDF comprises sawdust and other timber leftovers from manufacturing processes that use timber. To make MDF, suppliers place the leftover material in a mould. Thereafter, they compress it in high temperatures by applying extremely high pressure. This firms up the material and gives it similar characteristics to natural timber. It is worth mentioning that laminate timber floors are probably the cheapest of all timber flooring products.

-        Bamboo Timber Floors: Suppliers make these floors out of bamboo plants. Technically, these floors do not comprise timber. But, they are among the most sustainable timber floors currently on offer. Bamboo plants grow very quickly. Within five years or so, they can attain full maturity. This makes them easy to cultivate and use. Homeowners like bamboo floors because they will last you for a long time to come. The eco-friendliness of bamboo floors only serves to enhance their appeal.