What Are the Best Ways for Maintaining the Timber Flooring in Your Picton Residence?

Not many people are fortunate enough to have hardwood or timber floors in their houses. These flooring materials are highly attractive to look at. Unlike passing trends, they exude a timelessly classic appeal. As such, you will simply not go wrong if you install these flooring materials in your house. Timber floors can last for several years. Their eco-friendliness also appeals to those who are weary of synthetic materials. In addition, the warm and inviting look that these floors typically exude makes them charming, elegant and stylish. Flooring experts swear by the warmth and stylishness of these floors. And, if you’re planning to put up your house for sale, you can expect your timber floors to enhance the resale value by several notches.

Besides their look and feel, timber flooring is easy to clean and maintain too. But, if you want this flooring to last you for a very long time, do not neglect to look after it. The better you look after these floors, the longer they will last. To maintain your timber and vinyl flooring in your Engadine property, ensure that you:

-        Wipe up any spills as soon as they take place

-        Clean the floor regularly to minimise any build-up of dirt and grit, which could leave scratches on the surface of the floor

-        Place mats at all the doorways and entrances to the house

-        Avoid the use of shoes that could dent, damage or scratch the floor

-        Minimise the possibility of your timber floors experiencing swelling or lifting by avoiding wet mopping the floor

-        Avoid using household cleaners or polishes that could affect the finish of the timber flooring

-        Place pads under all the legs of your furniture so that they do not scratch the flooring and,

-        Consult your timber floor installer to ascertain when you need to give your timber flooring a light sanding along with a new coat of finish