What Are Some of the Most Common Grades of Timber Flooring?

Some of the most popular grades of timber flooring comprise:

-        Rustic Grade Timber: This grade of timber features chunky knots and dramatic variations in colour. Because of this, many people considered it inferior to other grades of timber. However, as minimalist layouts and designs have become increasingly popular, sales of this grade of timber are on the rise too. Rustic grade timber comes in solid and engineered varieties. You can use this grade of timber to good effect in simply furnished and decorated spaces.

-        Natural Grade Timber: People like this grade of timber flooring in Sutherland Shire and other areas because it brings the natural beauty of the wood to the fore. It features a fair number of knots. Some of these can be quite large. In addition, it offers quite a bit of variations in colour too. These characteristics make natural grade timber distinctive and charming. Use this if you want your home interiors to exude a relaxed look and feel.

-        Select Grade Timber: This grade of timber features big knots. It features more inconsistency in colours than its premium counterpart. This grade of timber offers higher levels of uniformity than rustic and natural grade timber. As such, it will be smooth on the eye. Use this to good effect in your lounges, halls, bedrooms and dining rooms. You could consider using this grade of timber in your bathrooms and kitchens too. However, for this, you will need to select engineered timber flooring.

-        Prime Grade Timber: The elevated levels of uniformity in this grade of timber make it very unique. This grade of timber features a small number of knots. In addition, it has a highly consistent colour too. These characteristics make it the most sought after grade of timber. This is especially if you want to use it in high-end designer settings. But, it is worth highlighting that prime grade timber flooring is not always prohibitively expensive. Use this grade of timber in rooms where you want a clean and streamlined finish.