What Does the Grade of Timber Refer to?

As mentioned earlier, the wood used to make timber floors comes from various kinds of trees. Some trees are harder than others. Others have certain features and characteristics that make them more attractive. However, if you were to go looking for vinyl flooring in Wollondilly and other places, you would find a diverse range of options. Vinyl flooring will differ in terms of the material, the grade, the colours, the styles on offer etc. Similarly, timber flooring comes in distinct kinds of grades too.

At the time of lumbering, workers grade timber into four different grades. It is worth mentioning that the grade of the timber does not necessarily mean that one grade is superior to the others. The grade of a timber floor simply highlights the fact that it looks different and possesses distinct characteristics as opposed to other grades. The grade that people accord to a specific kind of timber will invariably depend on factors such as:

-        The uniformity of its colour

-        The number and the size of the visible knots and,

-        The amount of sap it contains

It is worth mentioning that you will not usually be able to see the sap in the timber. But, the other two aspects listed above enable people to classify the grade of that specific variety of timber.