An Overview of the Diverse Kinds of Timber Used in Timber Floors

Whether you use timber or laminate flooring in your Picton residence, the fact remains that you’ll want your flooring to look stylish and elegant. At the same time, you will want your floor to offer elevated levels of durability. Tearing up and replacing a floor is not cheap. Neither is it easy to accomplish. This is why homeowners look for flooring material that can last for several years. Timber flooring does not merely look aesthetic and appealing. It can last for years too. However, selecting the kind of timber floor that you need is not easy. Suppliers of flooring material will usually stock several grades of timber. Some grades of timber feature knots, gum veins and insect markings. Others are smoother, which accentuate the colour of the timber.

Some of the most common varieties of timber comprise:

-        Blackbutt: This is one of the least flammable varieties of timber. This makes it ideal for use in areas that are prone to experiencing bushfires. This grade of timber features a more even colour than other grades. Its colour varies from light yellow to pale brown. It has a Janka Hardness quotient of 9.1. It is worth mentioning that the higher the Janka Hardness quotient, the harder the timber will be.

-        Rose (or Flooded) Gum: This denotes a straight grained timber. It offers moderate levels of durability and strength. This tree is resistant to certain kinds of borers. As such, it will not feature much natural grooving and holes that other grades of timber will. Its colour varies from pinkish to reddish brown. It has a Janka Hardness quotient of 7.5.

-        Ironbark: Working with this grade of timber can be tough. This is because this tree is heavy, hard and compact. Its colour ranges from pale brown to dark red. It has a Janka Hardness quotient of 14.

-        Spotted Gum: The colour of this timber ranges from light to deep brown. This grade of timber derives its name from the manner in which the tree sheds its bark in polygonal patches. It has a Janka Hardness quotient of 11. This makes it ideal for use in house framing and decking.

-        Blue Gum: This grade of timber is reddish to deep brown in colour. It has a Janka Hardness quotient of 9.