What is Timber Flooring?

For the uninitiated, timber flooring is nothing other than wooden flooring. But, timber floors differ from wooden floors in one major respect. Makes of timber flooring in Wollondilly and other areas use recycled or reclaimed wooden boards for constructing timber floors. One of the most striking aspects of timber floors is their appearance. Timber floors usually exude a weathered look, which often makes them desirable. Some timber floors feature darkened nail holes, worm holes, and saw kerfs. Others feature stained patinas, slight cracks etc. All of these features contribute towards making a timber floor exude the look of an antique wooden floor. Naturally, it will appear appealing to the people who wish to invest in such flooring.

Timber floors will usually feature red and white oak. Timber planks made from recycled oak will have rich hues and subtle grains. In addition, it will offer elevated levels of durability. Similarly, reclaimed pine flooring will feature knots, slight cracks and slightly raised grain. Reclaimed chestnut can be rare. But, it is a hard and durable kind of wood. As such, it can withstand higher levels of wear and tear than other varieties of wooden flooring. Many people describe timber flooring as planks. This is primarily on account of the width that these boards feature. Several timber planks range from 10 to 28 inches in width. This is especially true for reclaimed timber.