Which Wood Species Should You Choose?

The answer will vary and depend on a lot of factors like your own personal tastes and budget. But putting these aside, there are other things that you may want to consider when choosing timber flooring in Sutherland Shire or other areas such as provenance, hardness, and grain.

Provenance. This basically refers to where the wood is sourced from. In general, wood used as flooring materials either come from local providers or exported from overseas just as is the case with other types of flooring materials like carpet or vinyl flooring in Engadine. In many instances, domestically sourced and manufactured wood will be much cheaper than those exported from other countries, something to think about when you’re working within a strict budget.

Hardness. Wood hardness is another consideration when choosing and buying timber flooring in Engadine and other places. The hardness of wood is basically measured using the Janka Hardness Rating. Hardness is importance since this will affect the durability of the wood, and consequently the amount of maintenance and care that it will require. In many cases, this will have an impact on the price as well.

Grain. Wood grain—whether close-grain or open-grain—should also be a consideration when shopping for timber flooring in Picton and other areas. Wood with close-grain have fibres that are packed tightly and therefore provides a much harder surface. Wood with open-grain on the other hand have loosely packed fibres and will splinter much easier.

There are certainly other factors that need to be considered, like whether to go for planks or parquets, or which finish or stain will work best with your interior decors and so on. However, the above mentioned factors should form the foundation of your decision making since these will have some of the biggest impact in the overall look, appeal, and costs of having timber flooring in Wollondilly and other areas.