Timber Flooring: The Hygienic Option

This is truer in the case of timber vs. carpet in Sutherland Shire and other areas. There are countless reports of germs and allergens getting trapped in carpet fibers. A number of parasites and mites can survive in the carpet, and they can easily cause health hazards to the home’s residents. This becomes even more dangerous to people who suffer from respiratory illnesses or diseases. These issues shouldn’t be a problem if you have timber floors installed instead. Like laminate flooring in Wollondilly, timber flooring does not trap odours like carpet does. In fact, polished wood has a rather comforting scent about it which helps to improve the ambience of any home or space.

Improves Your Estate’s Market Value. It is a well-known fact that houses with timber flooring fetch a much higher market price than those that make use of other flooring options like carpet in Engadine and others. There are many reasons why this is so. For one, timber flooring has a beautiful and timeless appeal. Unlike carpet or vinyl, the patterns and natural design of wood is something that never goes out of style. This, together with the other benefits of timber flooring, makes them much more valuable than other types of flooring materials. In fact, there are many home buyers who are willing to pay more if they find the timber flooring much to their liking, and even though they may be more expensive, houses with timber flooring tend to sell faster than houses with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of timber over other types of flooring materials in carpet in Picton or Vinyl flooring in Wollondilly, is it time to go shopping? Not just yet. You still need to take some things in consideration before putting your money down for some timber planks or parquet, whichever you decide to use. One of these is choosing between harwood and softwood.