How Should You Go About Cleaning Your Bamboo Floors?

Whether you opt for bamboo or timber flooring for your residence in Sutherland Shire and the adjoining areas, you’ll need to take good care of them. The better care that you take of your floors, the longer they will last. Many people might be aware that bamboo is nothing more than kind of grass. But, when manufacturers split stalks and laminate the bamboo plant to make flooring boards, this grass transforms into a material that is as durable as hardwood. Much of the bamboo flooring that you come across in suppliers’ shops will be pre-finished. Thus, these floors will feature a baked-on urethane coating, which require minimal levels of maintenance. But, it is worth remembering that bamboo is essentially a natural material. Therefore, using caustic or acidic cleaner might damage it irreparably. Similarly, using excessive levels of water could damage the floor significantly too.

When you want to clean your bamboo floors:

  • Sweep the floors each week to remove any dirt particles that could scratch the surface 
  • Vacuum the floors periodically to remove the dirt that often accumulates in the gaps between the planks
  • Use a soft vacuum attachment to avoid scratching the floor
  • Run the vacuum in the direction of the flooring boards
  • Avoid wet-mopping the floor as moisture could end up damaging it
  • Instead, use slightly damp microfibre or sponge mops when you want to mop these floors
  • Mop in the direction of the flooring boards instead of across them
  • After you finish mopping the floor, use a dry and non-abrasive cloth for wiping the floor 
  • Avoid cleaning the floor with a steam mop as the steam could soak through the finish and end up discolouring the bamboo flooring
  • Similarly, avoid using oil soap as it could leave behind a residue that causes permanent hazing and,
  • Ensure that you never use ammonia as it could etch the finish of the floor