How Should You Make the Choice Between Bamboo and Timber Flooring for Your Picton Residence?

For many years now, hardwood floors have been quite popular in Australia. These floors are immensely popular for their strength and durability. In addition, the charm exuded by a wooden floor is not easy to surpass. As a result, homeowners hardly think of other alternatives when they consider the flooring options available for their homes. In addition, not many people possess sufficient knowledge about bamboo floors. For instance, not many people are aware of the strength of bamboo floors. They doubt whether bamboo floors will actually be able to withstand the rigours of everyday use. This is especially so because bamboo is, after all, a grass-like plant. 

It is essential to be aware of the fact that neither bamboo nor hardwood floors are moisture-friendly. These floors can withstand some amount of moisture. But, installing them in your bathrooms or kitchens might be unwise. However, of the two, bamboo floors are sturdier when you require flooring that can cope with precipitation or extreme fluctuations in temperature. 

When you need to consider between hardwood and bamboo flooring, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • The Finish: Traditional hardwood floors have a classic and timeless finish. But, bamboo flooring can also provide lighter finishes. In particular, bamboo floors often feature more textured grain and contemporary finishes. It is worth mentioning that the amber or honey colours of bamboo planks usually provide a unique contrast from the conventional finishes you could get from teak, cedar, maple, pine or oak floors.
  • The Price: Of the two kinds of floors, bamboo flooring will certainly be cheaper. As mentioned earlier, bamboo is available in plentiful supply throughout the year. In addition, it doesn’t take long to mature. These aspects effect the pricing of bamboo floors. However, installing bamboo floors in a home space is not as easy. Thus, the installation costs might be slightly higher. 
  • The Eco-Friendliness: Good quality bamboo is available in abundance in most parts of the world. Bamboo trees often mature within four to five years. In contrast, hardwood trees usually take decades to attain maturity. As a result, bamboo floors are certainly the eco-friendlier option in terms of flooring materials.