Why Do People Prefer Bamboo Flooring Over Vinyl Flooring in Engadine and the Neighbouring Areas?

When it comes to cost effectiveness and durability, not many flooring materials can surpass bamboo flooring. However, this is not the main reason why many homeowners in the country opt for bamboo floors. Some people might feel that the elegance and visual appeal of these floors makes it very attractive. But, marble floors and hardwood floors can look as elegant and stylish. The one major characteristic of bamboo floors that makes these floors so popular is the eco-friendliness of the material. Sure, hardwood floors are natural and eco-friendly as well. But, their higher cost makes them prohibitive to many people. 

Bamboo is a highly renewable material. As a grass, it grows at a much faster pace than wood. In many cases, bamboo takes about five years to attain full maturity. In contrast, traditional hardwoods usually take 20 – 120 years for maturing. Experts opine that the Moso bamboo plant can grow up to 119 centimetres within 24 hours. Another aspect that distinguishes bamboo plants from other hardwoods is the rhizome root structure that these plants typically have. For the uninitiated, rhizome root structures denote horizontal stems that grow beneath the surface of the earth. These roots help the plant reproduce vegetatively. As a result, plants with rhizomes will usually spread in a lateral direction. Therefore, when workers harvest the bamboo plant, they don’t need to replant them. This is because they leave the root system intact during the harvesting. 

In addition, not many pests tend to affect bamboo plants. As a result, these plants require no pesticides or fertilisers. These plants usually don’t require much by way of irrigation either. Thus, the carbon foot print of these plants remains very low. The environment-friendly characteristics of bamboo easily surpass the features (and the price) of hardwood flooring. Moreover, if you’re getting a natural flooring material at affordable rates, you will not consider opting for synthetic flooring materials. This is why bamboo floors are increasingly coming into vogue all over Australia.