What Are Some of the Most Common Flooring Materials Used in Australia?

When it comes to flooring materials, consumers have no dearth of options. Some people might feel that the choice of flooring essentially involves the usual choices of marble, tiles or hardwood. But, this is not true. There is an entire range of different flooring materials in the market. Each of these materials is attractive and functional. Besides, they come in a diverse range of patterns, finishes and colours too. It is worth highlighting that each flooring material offers some features and merits that distinguishes them from others. This is why homeowners looking for new flooring options must ascertain the entire range of options available, before narrowing them down further.

Some of the most popular flooring materials in Australia comprise:

  • Vinyl Floors: In recent times, vinyl flooring has become quite popular in Sutherland Shire and the neighbouring areas. These floors typically comprise Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin and various other additives. These additives include plasticisers, stabilisers, fillers and pigments. Vinyl floors are popular because they are easy to replace. So, if some part of the floor sustains damage, you won’t need to replace the entire floor. Installing these floors is easy as well. It is worth highlighting that manufacturers of vinyl floors can print these floors to mimic the look exuded by hardwood, ceramic and natural stone floors. 
  • Timber Floors: This refers to a wood or plank flooring material. Suppliers typically use recycled or reclaimed wooden boards when they install these floors. These floors often comprise hardboard wooden planks. This is why timber floors also go by the name of plank floors. These floors are both strong and durable. In addition, they do not need much by way of maintenance either. To keep these floors shining, you will only need to apply a little polish. These floors can be expensive, but they are good insulators and hygienic too. For the environment-conscious, these floors are ideal because they are eco-friendly.
  • Laminate Floors: Known as floating wood tiles, these floors are quite popular in Australia. These floors are multi-layer synthetic flooring products, which suppliers fuse together via a lamination process. These floors can emulate the look of wood or stone by virtue of a photographic applique layer. This layer typically lies beneath a clear and protective layer. Laminate floors are easy to install and maintain. They are also more affordable, hygienic and offer reasonable levels of durability. People often use laminate flooring in high traffic areas in their Picton residences.
  • Ceramic Floors: These tiles often come in high gloss finishes. As a result, they are useful not only as flooring materials but also as countertops. Ceramic tiles are probably the most waterproof flooring material. These tiles come in an array of finishes such as matte, embossed, glazed and anti-slip.
  • Marble Floors: These floors can easily blend with all spaces and types of designs. Marble tiles can make rooms look clean and rich very easily. You will probably not find it as easy to achieve such a look with any other flooring material. Contrary to popular perception, marble comes in an assortment of colours too.
  • Carpet Floors: Carpet tiles are fast becoming popular in areas like Wollondilly and Picton. They look like carpets. But, they are essentially tiles. The popularity of these tiles stems from the ease with which you can remove and replace them. Cleaning carpets was quite difficult in case of spills or stains. But, with carpet tiles, you can simply remove the stained tile and replace it.
  • Hardwood Floors: These floors are the staple in the flooring industry. Their natural beauty and durability makes them a classic choice. These floors can be expensive. But, they often enhance the value of the house. The most popular hardwood floors include maple, pecan, cherry, oak, birch, pine, hickory and walnut.