Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Floors Clean

The popularity of hardwood flooring throughout the country is considerable. However, budget constraints do not permit many homeowners to install hardwood floors in their properties. In terms of providing a classic look, nothing can surpass the look exuded by timber flooring in Engadine and the neighbouring areas. But, when you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives, it might be worthwhile considering the merits of vinyl floors. These floors are typically low maintenance floors. They can resist liquids and stains. Their sturdy construction enables them to withstand high levels of foot traffic as well. In addition, they are easy to clean.

To ensure that your vinyl floors remain spic and span more often than not, ensure that you:

  •   Use doormats throughout the house for keeping out chemicals and dirt that could mar the appearance of your vinyl floors
  •   Run a soft broom across the floor each day to ensure that any dirt does not get ground in to the vinyl or timber flooring in your Picton property
  •  Avoid using heavy-duty cleaners for cleaning your floors; opt for brooms or vacuum cleaners instead
  • Clean your no-wax vinyl floors with cleaners designed for no-wax floors
  •  Avoid the use of overly wet mops on your vinyl floors as the water can work its way into the edges, cracks and seams of the floor and destroy the glue bond, thereby causing the planks or tiles to come loose or start curlin
  •  Ensure that soap scum does not leave a film on the floor that can act as a dust magnet by cleaning your floor with a wet mop rather than a soapy one
  • Fit your furniture with floor protectors that eliminate the dents that heavy items typically create on vinyl floors
  •  Use a polish or sealant meant specifically for no-wax vinyl floors to preserve the glossy look of the floor
  • Avoid dragging your furniture or heavy appliances across your vinyl flooring in Picton and elsewhere; instead, place a sheet of plywood along the floor and push the item on this sheet and,
  • Avoid rolling castors that can damage the vinyl tile; instead opt for chairs that feature felt tips