How Does Vinyl Flooring Compare with Laminate Flooring in Engadine and Other Areas?

When you’re looking for the right kind of flooring for your house, you might consider looking up the options available. From natural stone to ceramic tiles, you could find yourself swamped with the variety on offer. To make the choice even more difficult, each material comes in an assortment of styles, colours, patterns and finishes. If you have the patience to get through these, you could find yourself stumped for choice. Not many people can afford high-quality hardwood flooring. However, technological advancements have led to the emergence of a number of viable alternatives such as vinyl and laminate flooring. As far as flooring options go, both these flooring materials can be superlative choices.

Vinyl floors are among the best resilient flooring options nowadays. The kinds of vinyl floors on offer these days are not the same as the cheap varieties that abounded some decades ago. Today, suppliers form vinyl planks by adding a composite layer on top of a solid coloured PVC base. This additional layer provides dimensional stability to the plank. If you go shopping for vinyl flooring, you will find that vinyl floors come in planks, tiles and sheets. These floors offer a number of benefits as well. For instance, they are versatile and can resemble any kind of material, from stone to ceramic. They are waterproof, slip-resistant and hygienic as well. They can withstand high levels of heat too. And, they are durable and easy to install and maintain as well. The fact that they offer high levels of hygiene control make them the material of choice over other materials. In fact, many commercial and industrial facilities use vinyl floors over carpets in Picton and the adjoining areas.

In contrast, laminate floors are a great substitute for hardwood or wood-patterned vinyl floors. These floors often come at half the price of a quality hardwood floor. They might not be as versatile as vinyl floors. But, they can mimic the look of a classic hardwood floor with minimal fuss. Laminate floors comprise several layers of material held together by adhesive. The addition of a photographic layer, visible through a transparent protective film made from hard cellulose resin, makes laminate floors simulate the look of hardwood floors. The commercial, aged care and hospitality sectors, often use laminate flooring. This is because these floors are hard and resistant to scuffing and scratching. They are waterproof to an extent as well. Cleaning and maintaining laminate floors is simple too. Moreover, some laminate floors can last for as many as 50 years.