What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Homeowners across the country like vinyl flooring for its affordability and cost effectiveness. These floors offer high levels of durability. In addition, they are easy to install too. Because of this, homeowners can afford to opt for higher-end varieties of vinyl floors. This is especially so because they won’t need to pay any installation charges. In many cases, people opt for these floors because they are constrained by their budgets. However, this does not mean that vinyl floors are not meant for people with higher budgets.

It is worth mentioning that many flooring suppliers offer luxury vinyl flooring tiles in Sutherland Shire and the adjoining areas. For the uninitiated, luxury vinyl tiles typically comprise four layers. The topmost layer will usually feature aluminium oxide for providing protection from scratches and scuffmarks. The next layer will serve to provide protection from major damages such as rips etc.

These tiles offer enhanced levels of comfort as opposed to the conventional vinyl tiles. Thus, they feel softer underfoot. Moreover, they exude warmth and luxuriousness, which can enhance the visual appeal of your home interiors considerably. In terms of cost, these tiles will be slightly more expensive than the conventional vinyl tiles that people often purchase. But, if you compare their prices to the pricier hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tiles offer similar levels of luxury at lower rates.