Bamboo Flooring is Sustainable

Timber flooring is beautiful, but they do come at a price. And it’s not just the face value cost, but rather all the other things that comes in their manufacture. For instance, there are advocates of green and sustainable building practices who prefer to use other types of flooring materials like (vinyl flooring in Picton for instance) instead of hardwood because it is rather difficult to replace the trees that have been cut down for the purpose. Not to mention the wildlife that live in the forests where the trees are cut, which often have to find a new place as their habitat.

On the other hand, bamboo trees abound in many parts of the world, making them very much available for use. Along this line, they can easily be planted and cultured and wouldn’t take as long as hardwood or even softwood trees to repopulate. In general, it takes only about four to five years to grow bamboo grass, and after that time they could grow to their maturity, compared to trees which can take twice (sometimes even longer) to grow. Flooring contractors that specialise in bamboo flooring (or even reputable flooring contractors and sellers of other types of flooring materials like those selling laminate flooring in Wollondilly or vinyl flooring in Engadine) know this for a fact.

In addition, the species of bamboo used to make bamboo flooring is different from the ones being eaten by bamboo eating animals like pandas, so there is no need to worry about damaging their habitat or taking away their food source. Furthermore, any leftovers from the bamboos used in making flooring materials like the leaves and the bamboo shoots can be remanufactured into feeds for poultry and livestock. All these reasons and more makes bamboo flooring an attractive material for property owners who are concerned with green building practices. If you would like to know more about how using bamboo flooring helps the environment, you can always take to a professional flooring contractor who specialises in flooring materials, or visit a store that sells bamboo, timber, or vinyl flooring in Sutherland Shire and nearby areas.