What Are Vinyl Floors?

Comprising polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and an assortment of plasticisers, vinyl floorings are quite popular in Engadine and the neighbouring areas. In many cases, these flooring are popular because they are inexpensive and budget-friendly. They are easy to install too. Vinyl floor coverings come in both solid sheets as well as tiles. Installing these in square or rectangular spaces is quite easy. To fit these tiles into edges or corners, homeowners simply need to use a utility knife for trimming the vinyl tiles. 

Many people often confuse vinyl floors with linoleum floors. However, both these kinds of floors are quite different from each other. Vinyl floors will usually feature only synthetic materials. In contrast, linoleum floors will typically comprise various organic materials. In linoleum floors, the colours tend to run all the way through the floor. However, in vinyl floors, manufacturers often imprint the colours and patterns only on the surface of the floor sheet or tile. Despite these differences, both kinds of floors come in an attractive array of colours and patterns. In addition, they have the ability to resist stains better than other kinds of floors. More importantly, they are immensely durable too.

It is worth highlighting that vinyl floorings are the floor materials of choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The built-in cabinetry that characterises these rooms often creates awkward angles. To eliminate this, homeowners will need to lay the tiles in the middle of the space first. Only then should they proceed towards the opposing walls. To fit the tiles around any obstacles, they can use utility knives for cutting the ‘peel and stick’ tiles into the appropriate size.