Bamboo Flooring is Durable

Aside from being beautiful and stylish, bamboo flooring is also tough and durable. In fact, they can be just as hard and last as long as traditional timber flooring in Sutherland Shire or timber flooring in general. Uncarbonized bamboo is said to be just as strong as oak, and strand-woven bamboo flooring are claimed to be even stronger. This is of course provided that the bamboo flooring is of top of the line quality.

Accordingly, solid bamboo flooring and engineered bamboo flooring as the better options when compared to other types of timber flooring in Engadine. In fact, if you would base it on the Janka Hardness scale, it appears that these types of bamboo flooring are stronger than the red and white oak flooring, walnut, maple, and other types of timber flooring since they have higher ratings than the latter mentioned ones.

As such, bamboo flooring is a most suitable choice for most residential and commercial establishments that experience extensive usage and foot traffic. They don’t crack or break under pressure, and can deal very well with the different damages and abrasion normally experienced with other types of flooring materials. Thus, if you are thinking of making use of timber flooring in Wollondilly, you may want to consider using bamboo instead. They are great choices for kitchens (where utensils are often accidentally dropped), hallways (where there is heavy foot traffic) and generally most parts of a home or establishment.

Despite being a hard and durable flooring material (bamboo is found to have more compressive strength than concrete), bamboo offers a much more pleasant feel when you stand on it. Compared to standing on other types of timber flooring in Picton, there is lesser strain and stress on the sole, knees and the legs – definitely another reason why you should consider having bamboo flooring installed.