What are the Most Commonly Used Varieties of Flooring in Sutherland Shire and the Surrounding Areas?

Many homeowners spend a considerable amount of money in purchasing or renovating their new house. As such, they won’t have much money for replacing their unattractive floors. To counter this, many homeowners prefer covering their floors with carpets in Engadine and other areas. However, if you plan to replace your existing floor in the future, it pays to do your homework. Visiting a floor supplier when you’re keen to finalise your floors could leave you hard-pressed for time. To avoid this, ensure that you possess some knowledge of the different kinds of floors available at present. 

Some of the most common kinds of floors used in houses throughout Australia comprise:

    Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are strong, durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean or sterilise. They come in a wide range of colours and designs too. In addition, these tiles are easy to replace if chipped or cracked. However, grout can attract stains, which could be difficult to clean. Furthermore, these tiles are very rigid and hard underfoot. As such, they are unsuitable for living areas.
    Laminated (or Floating Wood) Tiles: One of the latest entrants in the market, laminate flooring has become quite popular throughout Engadine and the neighbouring areas. These tiles are easy to install. Many varieties of tiles come with Tongue and Groove (T&G) systems that eliminate the need for adhesive. These tiles are stain resistant, hygienic and easy to clean as well. 
    Carpets: Ideal for warm and dry applications, carpets come in natural and synthetic options. Natural carpets will usually feature wool. Similarly, synthetic carpets will feature polyester, nylon or polypropylene. Carpets come in various colours, patterns and styles. People prefer using carpets because carpets can act as insulators by retaining warm air in the colder months. In addition, they can act as noise dampeners too. Moreover, by trapping pet dander and debris, carpets can enhance the quality of air indoors as well. However, carpets can stain very easily. When used in rooms that witness heavy traffic, they can wear out very rapidly too. Furthermore, cleaning carpets can be quite costly.
    Hardwood (or Timber) Flooring: Timber flooring is fast becoming popular throughout Sutherland Shire and the surrounding areas. Some of the most popular varieties of hardwood floors include oak, walnut maple and hickory. These floors are extremely durable, wear resistant and easy to clean. In addition, homeowners can sand and refinish these floors several times. However, these floors are expensive and require intense labour during installation. These floors do not retain heat or absorb sound either. Lastly, based on the season and temperature levels, these floors could shrink or expand too.
Engineered (or Composite) Wood: This refers to a flooring that has a veneer of hardwood mounted on top of several wooden layers. Engineered floors are ideal for basements because they offer higher levels of moisture resistance than hardwood. They are easy to install too. However, they are not as durable as hardwood floors. In addition, the edges of the panels could develop frays, which facilitate the entry of water.
Bamboo Floors: Durable and natural, bamboo floors feature bamboo reeds installed over the sub-flooring. An eco-friendly flooring alternative, these floors are hypoallergenic, durable and easy to install. However, bamboo floors are vulnerable to sunlight and could fade with time. In addition, the adhesive used for creating the flooring might release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air as well.
Stone Floors: These floors typically feature different kinds of natural rock carved out of a quarry and cut for a flooring application. Common stone floors include marble, slate, granite and limestone. These floors improve with age and are the most durable of all floor types. However, they are expensive and require labour intensive installation too.
Vinyl Floors: Vinyl flooring is quite popular in Wollondilly and the adjoining areas. It features a fully synthetic polymer flooring option to which the manufacturers typically add pigmentation for colour. This flexible and non-porous flooring type is cheap and easy to install. It is durable, easy to clean and water resistant too. Vinyl floors are usually soft. As such, sharp objects can gouge these floors easily. In addition, repairing these floors can be difficult too.