Laminate Flooring Is Easy to Install

Laminate floor is rather easy to install compared to other flooring options like a carpet in Sutherland Shire or a vinyl flooring in Wollondilly. In fact, a floor area of 300 square metres can be completely installed with laminate flooring in one weekend provided that all materials are available and the installer is skilled and experienced in the installation.
In the past, laminate floors are installed by glueing the pieces together. However, nowadays, laminate floors come with a ‘click-lock’ or ‘tongue and groove’ feature that eliminates the need for glue, which means that all the pieces are installed by inter-locking the parts together. This is made possible because the laminate planks are manufactured in small pieces (most laminate planks are produced in 4 feet length) compared to hardwood planks (which often comes in 8 feet length). This is rather beneficial since glue contains certain chemicals which can float to the air and irritate an individual’s respiratory system.
The term ‘floating floor’ is one word used to describe laminate flooring, which means that it can be installed over most surfaces without the need for much preparation. This is made possible because the installation of laminate floors don’t require the use of nails (as with timber flooring in Wollondilly) or adhesives (a small amount of adhesives, perhaps).