Laminate Flooring Comes in a Wide Array of Designs and Styles

In the previous decades, laminate floors were manufactured to mimic the design patterns (or grains) seen on hardwood floors. However, advances in technology and the manufacturing process has allowed manufacturers to create a wide array of designs that now includes ceramic tiles and slate. With continuous developments, we can only expect the design range to grow and broaden in the future. In fact, the design options for laminate flooring is starting to come close to or rival the available designs for vinyl flooring in Sutherland Shire and everywhere else.
In addition, older laminate floors were made with affordability in mind. This ‘cost-effective’ approach, coupled with the underdeveloped technology, led to the manufacture of laminate floors that mimic hardwood planks to have a ‘plastic’ or ‘fake’ appeal, which somehow disappointed many hardwood floor lovers. This is akin to using substandard fibres for carpets in Engadine and some other areas. Again, thanks to technology, manufacturers are now able to make use of high definition images in the production of laminate floors. Using high resolution images, these laminate floors do not only look ‘authentic’ but they sometimes even look better than the actual material it is copying. To further enhance the look and appeal of the laminate floor, some manufacturers add texture to the material before installing the final protective coating.
Suffice to say that whatever your taste may be, there will be one laminate floor design that will suit and complement your interior and design preferences.