What Are Vinyl Flooring Planks?

When you visit the showroom of any supplier of vinyl flooring, it is likely that you will come across both vinyl tiles and planks. Many homeowners prefer installing vinyl tiles when they consider the flooring in their properties. It goes without saying that vinyl tiles are affordable. In addition, they are relatively easy to install as well. This is especially so for homeowners who are adept at handling various ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) projects. However, the demand for vinyl flooring planks has also increased in recent times.

For the uninitiated, vinyl flooring planks bear some semblance to the lengths of conventional timber flooring that you will commonly come across in Sutherland Shire and the neighbouring areas. But, the basic construction of these planks is identical to vinyl flooring tiles. Suppliers produce these by adding a composite layer on top of a solid-coloured PVC base. This gives the plank a dimensional stability. Regular vinyl tiles typically require the application of an adhesive during the installation. Similarly, self-sticking vinyl tiles come with a pre-applied adhesive. Thus, you only need to peel off the paper covering before installing these tiles. 

In contrast, vinyl flooring planks come with channels along either edge. This feature enables the floor installers to lock the planks together. As a result, these planks nullify the need to apply adhesives. It is worth highlighting that vinyl planks often feature specialty finishes. Because of this, they are quite popular among homeowners throughout Australia. In particular, homeowners who want to create a stone or wood-like finish that is easy to install and affordable, will opt for vinyl flooring planks. 

Whether you purchase vinyl tiles or planks, you must know that these flooring options come with inlaid or printed finishes. The former is characterised by building in the colours or patterns into the structure of the tile. Similarly, the latter refers to the fact that the tile or plank features only a printed upper layer. Besides this, vinyl flooring manufacturers also provide different kinds of protective coatings on these tiles. These coatings serve to enhance the durability of these tiles. For instance, a no-wax wearing coat is ideal for use in low-traffic areas. Similarly, for areas experiencing standard levels of traffic, the tiles or planks will feature urethane coatings. For commercial applications, manufacturers often provide vinyl flooring that has enhanced urethane coating in Wollondilly and the neighbouring areas.