Do You Want the Best Vinyl Flooring in Wollondilly and the Adjoining Areas?

Not many suppliers in the flooring industry can boast of having a combined experience of over 220 years. These years of business experience do not merely highlight an extensive knowledge of the industry and the products on offer. It attests to the fact that people having this experience will have come across a myriad of situations involving different varieties of flooring. As mentioned earlier, not many people have a comprehensive knowledge of flooring options. As such, finding the best flooring for their homes is not very easy for them. Such individuals will prefer consulting specialists who are well versed in the industry. For all these reasons (and more), people in Picton and Engadine don’t look beyond Picton & Engadine Floorstore when they want the best varieties of flooring for their homes.

Previously known as the Engadine Carpet Centre and Engadine Carpet Court, our facility in Engadine is a one-stop shop for people looking for the best flooring solutions available. We offer a diverse range of floor coverings at both our Engadine and Picton stores. From timber floors to carpets in Picton, we can guarantee that you will find some flooring that suits your needs perfectly. Besides these, we offer several options in laminate, bamboo and vinyl flooring as well. Because of the quality of our products, domestic and commercial clients prefer dealing with us. It is worth mentioning that we possess the experience, the staff and the infrastructure to install any flooring you require. This is regardless of the size of the facility. Moreover, we source our stock by purchasing in bulk. As a result, no other supplier will be able to offer you as great a deal as we can. So, visit our store when you need the best flooring for your home or office. Call us at (02) 4677 3366 for more details.