What is Laminate Flooring?

In the past, many homeowners opted for hardwood floors. The durability of these floors was a major reason for this. In addition, the timelessly classic look that these floors exude enhances the visual appeal of the house by quite a few notches. In recent times though, the popularity of laminate floors has increased considerably. Laminate floors do not cost as much as hardwood floors do. Moreover, you don’t need to possess exceptional levels of skill for installing these floors either. And, these floors are easy to maintain as well. This makes them one of the top flooring choices to consider when you’re looking for new flooring material.

For the uninitiated, laminate floors (or floating wooden tiles) denote multi-layer synthetic flooring products that the manufacturers have laminated or fused together. The inner core layer of laminate flooring in Wollondilly and other areas will usually comprise fibreboard materials and melamine resin. The outermost layer of these floors will feature a clear protective layer. This layer serves to keep the photographic applique layer just beneath it intact. Flooring manufacturers will usually package laminate floors as tongue and groove planks. On occasions, they will even provide glue backings as well. DIY homeowners can easily attempt to install laminate flooring on their own. These floors will usually float over the sub-floor on top of a foam underlayment. The objective of this underlayment is to reduce the volume of sound and minimise moisture levels as well.